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This is the first week of campus, which means both an abundance of syllabi and an abundance of performing arts auditions. If you were at the CUPAL kickoff last night, you heard representatives from all of the groups talking about these auditions in person, but if you missed it, Bwog has your back. Find out everything happening in Hamilton this week below.

  • A CappellaSeveral of Columbia’s premier a cappalla groups are seeking new members this semester; these groups include Bacchantae, Clefhangers, CU Sur, Gospel Choir, Jubilation!, Kingsmen, Metrotones, Nonsequitur, Sharp, Uptown Vocal, and Vivace. Auditions will take place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 8 to 11 pm, in Hamilton 304.
  • Bach SocietyThe self-described “fun, funky, and fresh” Bach Society seeks new singers and instrumentalists. Auditions require one solo work, not necessarily written by Bach, and possibly sight reading. Auditions will be on Friday at 2 pm and Saturday at 11 am in Lerner 572; interested performers can sign up here.
  • Black Theater Ensemble: One Act Festival: Each spring, the Black Theater Ensemble hosts a one-act festival; this year, the festival will perform four student-written plays on the theme of Afro-futurism. Auditions will be next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (January 25 to 27) from 7 to 10 pm.
  • CMTS’ Spring Season: Into the Woods and a 24-hour production of the Sound of Music: CMTS (Columbia Musical Theater Society) is putting on two shows this semester. Into the Woods will be put on in a normal, humane schedule, while the Sound of Music will be put on in 24 hours. Auditions for Into the Woods and interviews for both shows will take place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 8 to 11 pm, in Hamilton.

Even more audition information after the jump



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Roone is the most northern Broadway theater, right?

Are you invited to approximately 900 student productions on Facebook every semester? Do you spend chilly weekend mornings in midtown rushing Broadway shows? Have you ever read a Bwog arts review and thought, “Wow, I could do so much better?” If you answered yes to any of those questions, we have the position for you.

Bwog is currently seeking a new Arts Editor, to help us get more in touch with our artistic side. In the interest of improving our relationships with performing arts groups on campus, we’ve opened up applications beyond Bwog’s current staff and are hoping to find a new Arts Editor who is already connected to the performing arts community.  However, there are no requirements for the position; anyone with writing skills and an interest in the arts is welcome to apply.

The basic responsibilities of the Arts Editor are as follows:

  • Compiles Where Art Thou each week.
  • Responsible for editing arts posts and ensuring writers are properly covering those events.
  • Responsible for preparing writers for new or challenging arts posts and reviews, by providing examples, advice, and formatting help.
  • Fosters positive relationships with arts communities and initiatives.
  • Attends weekly staff meetings (Sundays at 9 pm in Lerner 510) and occasional editors meetings (also Sundays, at 8:30 pm in Lerner 510).
  • Stays sober enough during the Varsity Show to write a review afterwards.

The application is embedded below, and can also be found here. Applications are due at 11:59 pm on Friday, January 26, and should be sent to in the form of a Google doc or .PDF document titled “*First Name* App.”

Any questions can be directed to or asked in person at our first open meeting of the semester this coming Sunday, January 21.

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Late this evening, we received news that Barnard senior Caroline Montgomery has passed away. Caroline and her father, Mark Montgomery, died in the mudslides in her hometown of Santa Barbara, California.

A psychology major, Caroline also kindled a deep love for the world of fashion, finding her stride in companies such as Coterique, Topshop, NYLON, and KITH. In the Columbia community, she involved herself in the Water Polo Club team and demonstrated her passion for writing through contributions to Barnard’s fashion publication, Hoot Magazine, as well as Bwog itself.

During her tenure at Bwog in 2015, Montgomery took on the duties of both a Thursday daily editor and an SGA Bureau Chief, managing the stories on our site every Thursday alongside covering the SGA meetings for Bwog every week. On Bwog, she gave us witty advice on what to wear, reviewed several art exhibitions, and wrote about Fashion Week in her Bwoglines. One fellow Bwogger described her as “sweet” and always having “excellent style.” Many more of her articles may be found through her author tag.

As relayed by Dean Hinkson’s email, “students who are in need of support or counseling, please do not hesitate to reach out to family, friends, or your Residential Life staff. The staff members in the Furman Counseling Center (, 212-854-2092) and Dean of Studies office (, 212-854-2024) are also available either in person or by phone. As many of you have not returned to campus yet, we will be holding a listening session on Tuesday, January 16 in the Dean’s Office from 7-9 p.m. (105 Milbank Hall) for those who wish to gather.”

Our deepest condolences go to Caroline’s family and her friends.

Read Dean Hinkson’s full email after the jump



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You can’t go outside in this blizzard, so you have no excuse not to be grading

It is now a full two weeks since Columbia’s last day of finals. That’s fourteen days, or 336 hours, or 20,160 minutes. That’s… a whole lot of time. And yet, so many of our professors still haven’t graded our final exams, papers, and projects. You have the time, you don’t have anything better to do, so what gives? Get those red pens going and input our final grades already!

In particular, we want to call out:

  • Varzi: Metaphysics
  • Gabriel Perez-giz: Physics 1401
  • Ross Posnock: American Modernism
  • Paul Sajda: Biostatistics for Engineers
  • Marcelo Toldedo: MusicHum
  • Deborah Mowshowitz: Introductory Biology
  • Josef Sorett: Intro to African-American Studies
  • Natasha Lightfoot: The Modern Caribbean
  • Prezbo

If any other professor is holding out on you, comment their name and class on this post and we’ll add them to the list.

What Columbia looks like right now via Wikimedia Commons



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Last night, GS/JTS students were informed of the passing of Hannah Weiss, a sophomore in the dual program between Columbia’s School of General Studies and JTS’s Albert A. List College. Hannah and her family died in a plane crash in Costa Rica on Sunday afternoon. Hannah hails from Saint Petersburg, Florida, and found a home on campus within the Columbia/Barnard Hillel community.

Hannah Weiss was passionate about protecting the planet through environment conservation, and developed and lead composting initiatives at JTS. According to Shuly Rubin Schwartz, Walter & Sarah Schlesinger Dean of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Irving Lehrman Research Associate Professor of American Jewish History at JTS, Hannah was, “a wonderful student, great, friend, strong leader, and a beloved member of our community… She will be sorely missed.”

The Office of the University Chaplain is currently on call for students seeking support. The Barnard Office of the Dean of Studies and Residential Life will re-open on Wednesday, January 3, at 9 am. Barnard Primary Health Care services will re-open on Monday, January 8, and the Furman counseling center will resume clinical hours the next week. More details on these resources are available below, in the text of the email informing Barnard students of Hannah’s passing. Although CC and SEAS students did not receive a similar email, resources are available for them on campus and via phone as well.

Our deepest condolences go to Hannah’s family and her friends.

UPDATE, 9:15 pm: A memorial service will be held for Hannah and her family at 1 pm on Wednesday, January 3, at Tiferet Bet Israel (1920 Skippack Pike, Blue Bell, PA, 19422). Shivah will be observed at the home of Sandy and Ed Levin (175 Birkdale Drive, Blue Bell, PA, 19422) on Wednesday and Thursday from 6 to 8:30 pm, with a minyan each night at 7 pm. An additional memorial service will be held in Florida on Monday, January 8; more details will be forthcoming on the Columbia/Barnard Hillel Facebook page.

Full email messages from Dean Hinkson and Dean Schwartz available after the jump



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Earlier this morning, we received notice that Columbia College sophomore Gage Bellitto has passed away as a result of an opioid overdose. Gage had transferred to CC this fall from Bates College, and was a resident of Carlton Arms. A lifetime resident of Bronxville, he was a 2016 graduate of Bronxville High School and played on the Varsity Baseball Team.

In Dean Valentini’s email to CC and SEAS students, he passed along information from Gage’s family: the family will be receiving visitors today (December 29), at the Fred H. McGrath & Son Funeral Home in Bronxville, NY from w to 4 pm and 6 to 8 pm, and will hold the Mass of Christian Burial on tomorrow (Saturday, December 30) at the Church of St. Joseph’s in Bronxville, NY at 10:45 am.

“I encourage you to rely on your family and friends for support, whether you are on-campus or traveling, as well as to take advantage of local resources as needed,” Dean Valentini wrote. Counselors and advisors from Columbia CPS, Health Services, the Office of the University Chaplain, and the Berick Center for Student Advising all have extended on-call hours through Tuesday, January 2, and will have regular hours in effect after that. More details on all of these services are included later in this post. In addition, students on still on campus can reach out to Residential Life staff; on-call information is posted in residence halls.

Our deepest condolences go to Gage’s family and friends.

Read Dean Valentini’s email and see contact information for campus services



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The sun sets over another semester

So much happened this semester, from protests of CUCR speakers to sexual assault scandals to marching band victories. As you head home for winter break (or finish up your last final paper), take a moment to relive it all with our bi-annual semester in review.

To start the new semester, we decided to change up our Bwoglines format so that it now includes national and international news. The dirty Carman that we remember got an unexpected upgrade (or at least, some of it did). Spec was forced to leave their 111th street office, and later moved to Riverside Church. Suzanne Goldberg and Barnard’s new president, Sian Beilock, ensured the protection of undocumented students’ physical safety and personal information.

Bwog does videos now! Barnard students are only allowed in JJ’s until 1 am. We tried to brainstorm ways to handle being trapped in a hurricane during one of the worst seasons in history. We investigated the new Halloween pop-up store on Broadway and found some pretty creepy things. Before Columbia Crushes, there was Barnard/Columbia Missed Connections. Law and Order: SVU also decided that 1020 was worth having on their show.  We tested Columbia students to see how much they really know about their university. Ferris started cracking down with a new bouncer. Apparently there was a gorilla in the package center?

But that’s just September…



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You’re at the holiday/end of the semester party for a club that you’ve been at least tangentially a part of all semester. You’ve showed up to at least a couple meetings and you can definitely name at least half the people in this room…at least a quarter of the people in this room. Before you can think about that for too long, your friend drags you over to the drinks and starts handing you one right after the other.

The calm before the storm.

Before the hour’s out, you’re down five shots of peppermint vodka in the name of being “festive” and you can barely stand. With your friend’s help, you stumble over to an unoccupied chair shoved in a corner. You don’t know it at the time, but this will be your home for the rest of the night. The rest of the party plays out before you like a holiday play; even in your drunken stupor, you know exactly how it will end, but you have no idea how you’re going to get there.

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” starts playing. You aren’t sure this is the type of song you’re supposed to twerk to, but some people who definitely shouldn’t be testing that hypothesis are. You try to look away, but it’s like watching a train wreck (or someone trying to consume an entire bowl of Ferris pasta). Luckily, it looks like there’s a small crowd taking a video in the corner, so others will be forced to feel your pain via Snapchat story.

It gets weirder…



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Zooming into the new year like

As finals season wraps up, we here at Bwog are rethinking, reevaluating, and reflecting on the weird, sad, dangerous, crazy year that was 2017. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

In 2017, we hope to leave behind:

  • Iphone X
  • Our exes
  • Our grades from this semester
  • The wishy-washiness of the Columbia administration
  • The ants in our rooms
  • Ann Coulter, just because she sucks (lol)
  • Tinder
  • Unironic Dab
  • Spec

In 2018, we wanna see:

  • Commitment
  • More Wonder Woman (Hello, Gal Gadot?)
  • A steady income
  • The implosion of the Republican Party
  • Our friends graduating!
  • Women of color elected to Congress
  • New friends
  • Congress flipping from red to blue
  • Ironic Dab
  • Bwog



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I’m pretty sure it was Plato who once said, “bitches love elevated surfaces” (or something like that). The phrase rings true for a reason: at a crowded party, elevated surfaces provide a vantage point, a spotlight, and most importantly, space to breathe. Because elevated surfaces are a hot commodity that’s sometimes hard to come by at parties, I’ve come up with some alternative elevated surfaces that you probably haven’t thought of before. 

1. Hanging from the cabinets like they’re monkey bars. You’ve tried dancing on tables, counters, and even armchairs. But have you ever considered hanging off the top of cabinets? Cabinets can conveniently found in any EC suite, and using your God-given limbs to hang off of them is a surefire way to get you noticed at any party.

2. Bring your own folding stool. Why struggle to find an elevated surface, when you can bring your own? This is a great investment for only a little less than $20! Plus, it has even more, undervalued uses: bring it to Ref when you can’t find seating!

2a. Literal stilts. Along the lines of our last suggestion, why not just go all out and bring some literal stilts? Just like any good elevated surface, stilts provide attention, a view, and space.

3. A pile of the host’s textbooks. Since morality clearly no longer exists during parties, search the suite/brownstone/dorm room for textbooks to form a tall book tower in the middle of the dance floor. Look, an elevated surface!

4. The shelves. Partygoers often neglect shelves in favor of their more famous older brothers, the table and the countertop. No longer. 2018 will be the year of the shelf. Simply push everything off the shelf and viola – you have an elevated surface to dance on.

5. The air ventilation system. If the suite/brownstone/dorm room has a ventilation shaft in the ceiling, just climb into the ventilation system! This is perhaps the most elevated elevated surface you can get. If you want to make an entrance, just open the air vent from the inside and fall right out. This option is high-risk, but with certainly high returns.

I spent way too much time on these edits via Pixabay and Bwog Archives



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Just act as confident as this girl is, and you can do anything

Come on, Columbia! Whether you have three finals to go, five thousand words to write in five hours, or a long flight back home, you can make it through this! You’re almost there!

Bwogline: Imagine paying $91 million for your housing. One mystery buyer did just that; they paid a total of $91.12 million for a three-unit condo combination on the 92nd and 93rd floors of 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential building in the Western hemisphere. (NY Post)

Study Tip: Try studying somewhere off campus. Finding seats in Butler gets really exhausting after a while, so get a new spot instead, whether it’s a coffee shop, a diner, or a sunny spot in the park. We’d particularly recommend the large New York Public Library next to Bryant Park – you can browse through the Holiday Market on your way back to campus as a reward to yourself.

Music: This song, on repeat, for ten hours. You won’t regret it.

Procrastination: Turn off your wifi, and play a few rounds of the “there is no internet connection” dinosaur game on Google Chrome. (If you’re unfamiliar with this game: just hit the up arrow on your keyboard when you get to the screen with the dinosaur. It’s pretty self-explanatory from there on out.) Then keep the wifi off, and study with no distractions.

Overheard: “God is also banned by Suzanne Goldberg.”

Power pose? via



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Can’t wait to melt into our beds when we get home

Starting this Friday (or perhaps starting already, if you’re lucky), you have an entire month to sleep, procrastinate, and sleep more, to recuperate from this crushing semester and prepare for the spring. In the interests of Columbia students taking advantage of the Netflix subscriptions that have been lying unused for the past few weeks, Bwog has compiled a list of our top recommendations for what you should watch, read, and listen to over this winter break.


  • The Crown (Netflix): one Bwogger’s English colloquium professor mentioned this show in class, and because she takes that professor’s recommendation on pretty much everything, she started watching it after her exam yesterday. It’s pretty compelling, and the music is gorgeous.
  • Riverdale (season one is on Netflix, season two is on Netflix in certain countries, not including the US; both seasons are on the CW) : really good for wasting your brainpower and feeling really stupid, which is necessary after finals.
  • The Great British Baking Show: the best and most positive/wholesome cooking show on Netflix.
  • Bojack Horseman (Netflix): Lots of people have been referencing it, but it’s worth a watch on its own merit. It’s really sarcastic and funny while also being poignant and, to be completely honest, a total mindfuck.
  • Pride (movie): Tells the story of a group of gay guys and lesbians in 1980s Britain who start supporting a town of Welsh miners on strike. A really heartwarming movie, with some great funny parts.
  • Dear White People (Netflix): only 10 30-minute episodes so it’s really easy to binge. It’s well-acted, super cinematic, and engages some really pertinent issues head-on.
  • Galavant: only two seasons of a fun musical comedy that honestly deserved better.
  • The Magicians: Now that you’re in college, you’ve graduated from fantasies of magical boarding school to magical undergrad. This is Syfy’s only redeemable show, about the magical Ivy League (???), in case you needed to be validated by going to an Ivy when your relatives ask you what you’ve accomplished so far.
  • Lost: While it may seem like a knockoff Castaway, or that passé show from the 2000’s, Lost is a must-see. Amazingly interconnected story lines. You’ll get addicted to it, but it’s 6 seasons each containing at least 17 45 minute episodes, so good luck finishing over break.
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine: Rosa Diaz is bi. You don’t need any more reason to watch this show (although we could give you about a hundred more).

Suggestions for things to read and listen to after the jump



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We’re gonna miss this (Google street) view

For the past few weeks, rumors have circulated various GroupMes and Slack channels regarding a potential Amigo’s closure—ours included. Several tipsters have approached us panicking about the fate of their margarita OG, with funeral dates as near as a week ago to as far as never gonna happen.  As hardworking, persistent journalists, we at Bwog have tried to get to the bottom of this, but after every attempt at investigation, we received a different response to our inquiry. A waiter on December 2nd said they would be closing in three weeks. Later that night, a host initially told us no, but after hearing why we were asking admitted, “you can prevent us from closing by spending more money here.” A waiter the following weekend told us they were closing in January. Today we spoke with another waiter who nervously said he did not know, before eventually deferring us to his manager, Phil, who said he “has no word on it.” From our confusing accounts alone, it seems as if there’s a lot going on with Amigo’s at the moment (sort of like our messy Saturday nights at its bar!), but we hope that everything is okay and will be back to normal soon.

Update, 10:34pm: We received an email from an anonymous employee who informed us that Amigos has been without gas (and as a result without heat) for just over two months. Our tipster told us that management has been “pretty tight-lipped” about whether they are closing, but that it is pretty obvious that this is the case. It looks like we’ll all have to go to the Heights for margaritas now.

Yeah we’re photographically challenged literally via Google Maps



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Good morning, Columbia! It’s the last week! The home stretch! The final countdown! Whether you have four more exams or are just finishing up that last essay (or are already home, in which case, why the fuck are you still reading Bwog?), we’re here to love and support you with some good ole fashioned Bwoglines. Check ’em out.

Bwogline: Last night, the Atlanta airport lost power. Wait, let me just say that again: last night, on December 17, the busiest airport in the entire world lost power. Thousands of people were stranded and over a thousand flights were cancelled. It was a holiday shitshow.

Study tip: Give yourself a break from staring at your computer screen. Your eyes will thank you. Try writing some flashcards by hand (instead of using Quizlet), or draw out diagrams/mind maps on paper using colorful pens. Sometimes a little creative boost actually makes studying more bearable.


Procrastination: Go find a Christmas tree corner and pick up some of the fallen branches laying by the tree wrapper/cutter thing. Take them back to your room and put them in a vase, then wrap tiny lights around them. Bonus points if you find stuff to hang on the branches (I used a plastic lei I stole from DSig one time). Boom! Merry fuckin’ Christmas!

Overseen in Schapiro: It’s an elevator conspiracy.

Elevator? More like devilator. (I tried.)




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Our home for the next week.

At the end of every semester, things in Butler get a bit…freaky. Sure, there are those people who don’t shower, those who do shower (in the Butler 2 men’s bathroom), and those who think it’s okay to talk loudly in study spaces. Tangentially, if you do hold a conversation in a Butler room which isn’t a reservable room or Butler Cafe, you are literal human garbage and you should be banned from the library. Ahem. Now that that’s out of our system…without further ado, here’s our beloved end-of-semester catalogue of the weird, strange, and sometimes hopeful library room reservations.

Sad Girls And Sad Boys

The Saga Of The Emperor

See more strange reservations here

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