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What’s ur fave????

You’re heading out from your dorm for the night when your friend texts you, “Hey, can you pick up some cups before you get here?” We all know the dilemma: Where do you go? What cups do you get? Bwoggers Ross Chapman, Rachel Deal, and Jenny Zhu tested out 8 different cup varieties from various MoHi stores to let you know your best options around campus. The cups were evaluated based on price, stability, size, the feel in your hand, and pong-ability.

First up…the free cups:

Ferris Cups – 4.5/5
What’s better than free cups? Good free cups. The cold drink cups you can find in Ferris Booth Commons have the stability and feel to match up against any cup on campus. They feel sturdy, and will bend nicely without crumpling or scarring. These cups have the added benefit of discretion–“No, officer, this is just iced tea from the dining hall.” The lips are a nice touch, and the mouths of the cups are almost as big as Solo cups, making them a good choice for pong. Unfortunately, you’d have to plan ahead if you wanted to supply a party with these–you can’t exactly just use a meal swipe at Ferris at 11 pm and go pick up some cups.

Free from the dining halls

JJ’s Mediums – 3.5/5
It’s bold, loud, and a definitive fashion statement. From first glance, the most striking thing about this cup is the ridge design along the upper lip. Paired with a smooth exterior, the design of this cup is modern yet minimalistic, exotic yet classy. This cup is one that will catch the eyes of the party. But don’t worry, this haute couture is affordable, and in fact free at JJ’s. The only aspect in which this cup is lacking is its stability; however, its plastic material is flexible, making the cup unlikely to crack.

JJ’s Smalls – 2/5
Though free, and perhaps more stable than the other cup we tested at its size (the Dart cup), there’s no real benefit to taking this cup versus the bigger ones available at JJ’s. Save yourself the trouble and head for the large cups next to the soda machine, or save yourself the meal swipe and head to MoWil.

The cups that aren’t free after the jump!



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Editor’s note: “Too lit for Ancient Greece” is not a thing, Ancient Greeks were some of the biggest partiers in all of human history.

Going to classes is stressful. Having sudden responsibilities after a long, languid summer is difficult. To help with this, two new staff writers went to a session of Reacting to the Past while drunk. Here is their account of this adventure. Disclaimer: Bwog does not endorse or approve of underage drinking, alcoholism, going to class under the influence, etc. 

It’s not even about nerves, to be honest. It wasn’t just us trying to loosen up before anything important, life-changing, groundbreaking, etc. — we just get really excited about rum. So, we got day drunk in Reacting to the Past.

For context, it’s not the first time in our lives this has happened. There have been many a Thursday night when the proximity of the weekend has convinced us this is okay, ending with us hunched over in a cramped stall the next day, the consequence of last night’s activities catching up.

But this was a 3-shot drink taken in the 15-minute interval between classes, not last night’s buzz. We walk into our class ten minutes late on account of forgetting to print our speeches. While one of us effortlessly slides into her seat, the other haphazardly stumbles into not one, but two backpacks. The former begins the session with a persistent, antiquated Game of Thrones reference. Taking five minutes of valuable session time to make smug jabs at Socrates, we realize we are too lit for Ancient Greece. While the Greeks had their Bacchanal, the Pnyx was not the place for it. As the speech ends and the assembly continues, one of us cannot stop impersonating Quavo’s iconic “well, wrap it up den” while the other is seemingly the only person in class who understands the reference.

The session ended with mild disappointment that our session had not been more entertaining. Aside from other moments empowered by the rum-fluence — such as bouts of uncontrollable laugh-coughing, ft a perpetual cold — no one could even tell that we had partaken in a pre-Reacting kickback.

One thing is clear: Reacting is best done when you’re not on three shots of alcohol, but definitely not as tolerable.

Socrates’ head via Encyclopedia Brittanica 



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repeat after us: fuck spec

We’ve been spotting mysterious “Fuck Spec” flyers around campus. We kind of wish it was us, but it’s not. We sent Staff Write Abby Rubel to investigate. 

Approximately eight days ago, a flyer appeared in the Hartley lobby promoting a new website: I immediately investigated, because nothing excites a Bwog writer more than someone who’s not us insulting Spec.

What I found was a minimalist website with just two links, one to a Spec op-ed about unionizing, the other to a page within that copied the op-ed, but provided snarky commentary via text notes. To read the commentary, I simply clicked on the yellow highlights or red strikethroughs. Several of the notes referenced how drunk the author was, which is understandable: I also need to be drunk to convince myself to read most Spec op-eds.

About a week later, the front page of the website changed and there were now links to a different op-ed, this time about campus discourse. The previous week’s article had disappeared and the url no longer worked. The snarky commentary on the second article was slightly less hilarious, but still got in several good shots at the self-righteous tone of the op-ed. is shrouded in mystery. The person (or group of people) behind it haven’t revealed themselves (yet), and my attempt to find out who had registered the domain name was futile. I do, however, have some theories.

Frustrated by the shortage of alcohol at parties, the Spectrum staff decided to quit Spec and vent their rage. The site hasn’t been active since late August, about the same time started…

The Lion: sick and tired of being the most ignored campus news organization other than Quarto, they decided to knock Spec down a few pegs.

Suzanne Goldberg–she probably needs something to do in between ruling over all she surveys and yelling at students.


Want to prove my theories right or wrong? Email



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The face of the man that saved us all.

Happening in the world: Lots of natural disasters. In Mexico City, rescuers spent days attempting to save a little girl stuck in rubble, and the effort abruptly stopped when “Navy Assistant Secretary Angel Enrique Sarmiento said there is no missing child at the collapsed Mexico City school that has been the focus of rescue efforts” (NPR).

Happening in the United States: The GOP is scrambling to pass another Obamacare repeal by September 30, but even Jimmy Kimmel thinks the bill sucks. We aren’t exactly surprised. (Rolling Stone)

Happening in NYC: Amazon may be opening a second headquarters in NYC, expanding from its current home in Seattle. As if Columbia CS majors had any trouble getting jobs already. (New York Post)

Happening on Campus: Want to learn more about human rights reporting? There’s a talk in Kent Hall today from 1-2pm!

Overseen: Some girl using her flashlight to find her friend during the middle of this movie…rude.


Image via Wikimedia Commons





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This past summer, the Columbia Daily Spectator was forced out of its old office space on Broadway between 11th and 112th Street. The publication has not yet found a permanent new home, but for the time being its staff has taken over a few rooms in Riverside Church. Whether or not this move uptown is part of Columbia’s Manhattanville gentrification expansion remains to be seen.

Since we learned of Spec’s new location, several Bwog staffers have made the only natural next step: attempting to infiltrate. We’ve bugged our friends (and our “friends”) in Spec, we’ve pleaded and cajoled, we’ve even gone to Riverside Church and knocked on the door a few times – all to no avail. Spec is keeping the insides of its new space more locked down than the buttons of their carefully pressed khakis. However, we did get enough information from our sources to develop the following artistic representation of the Spec office; we hope that this at least somewhat sates the curiosity of our readers.



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More stressful than any exam

Yesterday afternoon, Ken Burns himself visited Columbia’s hallowed halls to discuss his new documentary on the Vietnam War, along with co-director Lynn Novick, Dean Awn, and two veterans (one a GS alum who served in Vietnam and one a current GS student who served in Iraq and Afghanistan). We sent newly minted staff writer Abby Rubel to the event; her thoughts on both documentary and discussion are below.

Ken Burns is a documentary maker primarily known for his signature photo effect and secondarily for the thought-provoking, thorough documentaries he makes on subjects ranging from baseball and the national park system to the Civil War. His new documentary, co-directed with long-time collaborator Lynn Novick, covers the Vietnam War with a focus on providing perspectives from everyone involved, from the soldiers who fought it to the Vietnamese whose lives were destroyed by it.

On Tuesday, Burns and Novick stopped by Low Library for a forum focusing on one specific perspective on the war: that of veterans scarred by battle returning to college campuses hostile to the war. The panel consisted of Burns; Novick; Michael K. Heaney, JD, PhD, a Marine who served in Vietnam and spent a semester at GS; and Mark Franklin, GS ‘19, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Dean Peter Awn (GS) moderated and President Bollinger made some brief introductory remarks.

In his introduction, Bollinger discussed the importance of the Vietnam War in shaping the worldview of his generation as well as the many ways in which it can inform us today. (Though he did not explain what those ways were.) He also discussed the importance of GS as an institution for veterans, a subject Awn also touched on briefly in his opening statement. Thankfully, these mentions were brief–there are few things more annoying than Columbia lauding itself.

What did the panelists talk about?



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Happening in the World: If you thought this summer’s season of natural disasters had finally ended, you’d be sadly mistaken – a 7.1 earthquake struck central Mexico yesterday. So far, at least 149 people been killed and hundreds of buildings have been destroyed. (LA Times)

Happening in the United States: A woman dubbed “the Mad Pooper” has been spotted defecating on the sidewalk in front of a family’s home in Colorado Springs. This isn’t an isolated incident; this jogger has allegedly pooped in this spot at least once a week for the past seven weeks. (Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: Hurricane José is expected to turn towards New York City this weekend. However, by the time it reaches the city on Monday, it will most likely be weakened to a tropical storm, resulting in a couple of inches of rain and some wind at most. (NY Post)

Happening on Campus: Barnard Student Life will host the third in a series of workshops on transitioning to college life today. Today’s event, led by two Writing Fellows, focuses on college writing (specifically, the differences between academic writing in high school and college), and will take place from 6 to 8 pm in Diana LL104.

Overseen: Someone braving yesterday’s rain in… socks?

This is about as far from rain boots as you can get



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Amara as a bowl of water

Tonight, we want to wish a very happy birthday to our Bagel-in-Chief, Amara Banks. Despite what the bouncers at 1020 may think, she’s now 20! Whether she’s sporting the dog filter, haunting the halls of Butler, or throwing bits of (actual) bagels at us, she’ll always be our beloved Bagel. Happy birthday, Amara!



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Madame President.

Each year, during the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly plenary, Columbia invites various international figures to speak in our hallowed halls. This series of discussions, often attended and moderated by President Bollinger himself, is known as the World Leaders Forum. Covering one of the first events, neophyte writer Sam Baron recounts his experience listening to the President of Switzerland, Madame Doris Leuthard. 

The start of the World Leaders Forum kicked off with a talk with Her Excellency Doris Leuthard, the President of Switzerland—the talk was moderated by none other than PrezBo himself. Switzerland, unlike the United States, does not directly elect a unitary head of state for a fixed-year term. Instead, the Swiss hold elections for a ‘Federal Council’ wherein the Executive branch is controlled by seven members, with each member heading certain departments within Swiss government. These members then rotate the official title of the ‘President of Switzerland’ every year. The current President, Doris Leuthard, is the Council member who heads the Swiss department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications.

Wanting to get a better understanding of Swiss politics and society before the talk, I attended the forum with a friend from Switzerland. As it turned out, the Swiss consulate collaborated with Columbia to give Swiss-nationals who registered for the event ‘VIP’ treatment—a Swiss flag-pin, front-row seats, a handshake with the Swiss ambassador, and a private meeting with President Leuthard after the event was over. Thankfully, despite not being a Swiss national, I was able to enjoy three out of the four before PrezBo came onto the stage to begin the forum and introduce President Leuthard.

The theme of the talk was the “Rule of Law or Law of the Jungle,” and in her opening remarks, President Leuthard placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of implementing, expanding, and enforcing the current conventions of International Law. She spoke ill of the current strain of nationalism, populism, and economic protectionism permeating throughout the Western world—and in a subtle swipe at President Trump, warned that such movements threatened the security of the current international order. In the latter half of her speech, President Leuthard spoke of Switzerland’s efforts to foster diplomacy and open dialogue between leaders on an international scale. In her view, Switzerland is in a unique position to act as an international mediator due to the country’s long history of political neutrality and absence from NATO. Of particular interest was Switzerland’s efforts to diffuse tensions in North Korea—where President Leuthard claimed Switzerland is only one of two Western countries that the North Koreans have allowed into the country to administer humanitarian aide to its citizens (the other being Norway).

Click here to see what happens when PrezBo returns



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Did they custom order these?

Walked by 1020 recently? According to signs posted in the windows of the bar, Law & Order: SVU will be filming there today, and signs on street posts said that filming would start at 6am. 1020 will be closed all day, but should open back up tomorrow (so, unfortunately, there won’t be trivia tonight).

We don’t exactly know why 1020 would be so garish in their promotion of the filming of a show about sexual assault at their bar, but perhaps they believe no press is bad press.

We’ll update this post if we get photos from the set.



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Check out more of Jacob Lawrence’s work at the Studio Museum of Harlem, from now until January 2018.

Happening in the World: After Harvey and Irma, the Caribbean braces itself for yet another hurricane. Hurricane Maria reached Category 5 status yesterday, and is expected to cause severe damage in Puerto Rico, Dominica, and other islands in the region. (CNN)

Happening in the United States: Politics took center stage in this year’s Emmys. The Emmys certainly addressed the racial inequality of America’s entertainment industry, and host Stephen Colbert made quite a few jabs at President Trump. (The New York Times)

Happening in NYC: Have some time for art this weekend? Check out the Studio Museum of Harlem’s ongoing exhibition – “Their Own Harlems.” The exhibition explores Harlem and the city as “a source of inspiration for artists across generations.

Happening on Campus: International leaders are descending upon Columbia for the World Leaders Forum. Today, the President of Mauritius is giving a talk at Low Library. Stay tuned for Bwog’s article on yesterday’s talk given by the Swiss president.

Overheard: (during a conversation about gay dating in New York City) “Why is it that the more downtown you go, the hotter and bitchier the guys get?”

image via the Studio Museum of Harlem



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A Snapchat of two people making out in a public lounge chair at 3:18 am.

Just you wait ’til the RA hears about this!

So there you are, at three in the morning on Saturday. You just had a great time getting covered in glitter in a Brownstone, and now you’re back in Furnald. But your roommate is asleep! You decide to be courteous and dry hump your compatriot in the public lounge. This is not courteous. Do not do this. If you see this, please send it to  What we did wasn’t quite so debaucherous:

Food and Drink Rule Everything Around Us

  • Used a JJ’s swipe for just the smoothies at the Cool Zone.
  • Walked to 79th and back to get ice cream.
  • A waiter accidentally charged me the price for a non-spiked milkshake. Rejoiced.
  • Cooked cabbage soup for first time for my sick girlfriend.
  • Went apple-picking.
  • Spent over $100 on a single meal downtown.
  • Finessed my way through being carded at a fancy restaurant by pretending i knew something about wine.

Frats and Parties and Frats and Parties

  • Hooked up with a boy while sick, got him sick, got better, hooked up with him again, got sick again.
  • Talked about the meaning of human existence with frat boys.
  • Got a little too drunk on Friday, ended up hooking up with 2 different guys at 2 different parties.
  • Did not go to one single frat party the whole weekend and honestly felt great about it.
  • Went to The Meadows! Got my bowl taken away by security.
  • Pregamed for The Meadows on the 7 train. Ended up drunk, sweaty, and ambitious enough to dance to every Weezer and Red Hot Chili Peppers song played.

High Culture, High Society (more…)



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Earlier this afternoon, Jomysha Delgado Stephen, President Beilock’s Chief of Staff, sent out an email to the Barnard community about immigration policy information sessions that will be held for students and other community members who are permanent residents, holders of visas, undocumented, or otherwise possibly affected by recent changes to the DACA program. These sessions will be led by legal expert David Ware; after each session, attendees will have the opportunity for private consultations. According to the email, Mr. Ware will “address the latest news on the DACA program, anticipated changes in enforcement practices, immigration status and travel risks, among other issues.”

The sessions will take place next Monday, September 24, from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm and from 1:30 to 2:30 pm. Consultations will be available the same day, from 2:45 to 4:45 pm. Registration for the sessions is available by emailing by this Wednesday, September 20; and registration for consultations is available by emailing

If any Barnard community member is unable to make the scheduled times next Monday, but is still interested in a consultation, Barnard will cover the cost a consultation with an outside immigration counsel – scheduled at that community member’s convenience.

Stephen’s email concludes: “The College remains committed to serving the immigration and travel needs of our community.”

Read the full email after the jump



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Bwog, resting on the shoulders of our brave Dailies

The rumors are true: Bwog is keeping Daily Editor Applications open for a few more days! We got so many delectable Staff Writer apps, we figured the only way we could possibly keep our site balanced was by eliciting some more applicants for our most desirable position: Daily Editor. Besides, this wouldn’t be a Columbia news site without a little too much competition, right?

As a refresher, Dailies are responsible for making WordPress their bitch one day of the week, every week. They write Bwoglines (and occasionally announcements, shortforms, and breaking news), they schedule posts, they write tags, and they do pretty much every other important task involved in keeping the site up and running. It’s a job integral to the running of this site, and in doing it, you will become intimately familiar with Bwog as a medium, and with other staffers new and old. Being a Daily is basically the Bwog equivalent of being a drummer in a band: you might not always get the flashy solos, but without you, the whole operation basically falls apart.

So what are you waiting for? If you were considering applying to be a Daily and thought, nah, that sounds like too much excitement for me, this is your sign to reconsider! Send in those apps now!

Applications are due to by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, September 20.

It’s a fun job though we promise via Wikimedia Commons



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A Missed Connection Facebook post asking to meet someone whom they saw at a Yankees/Red Sox game during NSOP.

All students should own Barnard hoodies

Remember Columbia Admirers? A powerful tool during its prime, CA has been plagued by its on-again, off-again… existence. But where can you turn when that cutie in John Jay walks out of your life? New writer Lucy Danger took matters into her own hands by forming a new Facebook group.

Last winter, at an event in my hometown, I saw someone in a Barnard sweatshirt. As the first person from my high school to ever come to Barnard or Columbia, this was really exciting. I went up to her and it turned out she was a student taking a semester off; she was from the next town over. I got her number and email but, of course, promptly lost both. Gone forever, I assumed.

But once I arrived on campus in August, I saw that this was not a unique phenomenon. The idea of missed connections started on Craigslist (mostly in the context of missed romantic connections) years ago, and has flourished since. I decided that Barnumbia needed something like this, for romantic use or otherwise. Thus, the “Barnard/Columbia Missed Connections” Facebook group was born. If you can’t imagine how you’d ever benefit from this, here are some examples of uses for the group!

Check out the list after the jump – your science requirement homework will thank you for it.

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