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Meet Hailey Winstead, epigenetics researcher, brunch fan, and the subject of this week’s CU Women in STEM profile!

Bwog Science is back with CU Women in STEM, where we highlight the amazing women in science at Columbia. Our latest profile is from Hailey Winstead (CC ’18), whose interests lie in psychology, specifically behavioral epigenetics!

Major: Psychology/Pre-med

What subjects are you interested in? Psychobiology and Behavioral Epigenetics: basically how the environment can impact our genes, and how our genes then impact our behavior. I am also interested in how hormones, specifically estrogen and testosterone, impact neurodevelopment.

How did you get interested in psychology? Can you remember the specific moment that got you hooked on your subject? My general interest in psychology started in 8th grade when my science class talked about Mamie and Kenneth Clark (see below under favorite scientist). I came into Columbia planning to major in psychology, but thought about switching to biology several times. I stayed with psychology after learning about behavioral epigenetics, because the idea that the environment can change how our genes are expressed and that expression can impact our behavior is just really cool.

What research have you done? I am currently writing a senior thesis on the effects of Bisphenol A (BPA–yes, the stuff in plastics) exposure during the prenatal period. I work in the Champagne Lab and we are interested in the impact of early life experiences on behavior and what epigenetic variations make it possible for associated neural mechanisms to exist within a lifetime and across generations.

What are your career goals? I plan on attending medical school, but am taking a gap year to do research.

Learn more about Hailey here!



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We’ve all gotten drunk texts from friends, exes, and sleazy fuckboys. But what would those texts look like if they were coming from the president of Columbia himself? Bwog has imagined a few possibilities, and… they aren’t pretty.

Screenshots via fake itext message



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there’s a musical about everything these days

Bwog Staff Writer Riya Mirchandaney and Science Editor Alex Tang are here with a review of last night’s performance of Science! The Musical, a witty musical about the trials and tribulations of science research in academia. Additional performances are happening tonight and tomorrow (see the bottom of the post for details).

Perhaps you thought something entitled Science! The Musical would be about biology, or chemistry, or astronomy, or—God forbid—physics. Instead, Presidential Scholar Andrew Goldman’s witty musical, ripe with commentary on the absurdities and triumphs of the academic world, is about social psychology.

The fifty minute show (with five minutes for set change) took place in a small classroom on the fifth floor of Fayerweather. While we were initially confused by the location, we realized that the location effectively mirrored the feel of a lab office or a science conference hall (places that the play is set in). The musical tells the story of Janice (Sammie Lideen), a first-year PhD student whose abstract has just been accepted by an academic conference on interdisciplinary studies. The momentary thrill of the acceptance is countered by the stark realization that Janice, who has never run a study on her own or used a statistical software, actually has to conduct the research and write the paper before the two week deadline.

Janice’s enigmatic and slightly ridiculous professor (Emily Erickson), who is referred to merely as “The Professor,” attempts to explain the modern science climate to Janice (“These days, people scan dead salmons in fMRI machines”), and the importance of covering multiple disciplines in her paper. Janice realizes her paper can cover psychology, sociology, statistics, and, last but certainly not least, interdisciplinary studies!

It is hard to watch this and not feel a tad bit disillusioned by scientific research as a whole: you feel embarrassed by Janice’s naivete and desire to change the way people think. In response to the unsolicited advice of cutthroat Reality Science Journal editor Joy Wiles Blackly (Mikayla Phillips), Janice laments the purported distinction between the “real world” and the world of academia, as well as Blackly’s portrait of research as a race to publish, with little emphasis on the quality of the research itself. Blackly, who was too slow to publish a physics paper back in her academic heyday, and was thus subjected to editorship rather than professorship, has reason to warn Janice against doing science for science’s sake: in the scientific world, one must “publish or perish”.

Find out more about the musical here!



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Having gotten such a great response to our previous Myers-Briggs personality type article, we decided to take on a more universal experience of students everywhere – putting up angry signs in the dorm bathroom, when your fellow hallmates have terrible bathroom etiquette. Yes, this is what angry bathroom sign you will write depending on your personality type.

ESTP: “Stop being gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!” After yet another incident of hair all over the floor, your anger drives you to action, but you don’t really think about what concrete mandates to put on the sign beforehand.

ISFP: No bathroom sign. Instead, you intermittently complain in passing to your fellow hallmates, hoping someone else will put up a sign.

ENFJ: “Reminder to flush the toilet.” Short and to the point. Don’t want to get it too cluttered.

ESFJ: “Friendly reminder to please flush the toilet, thanks!” Like ENFJ, but a little more polite.

ISTJ: Actually lays out bathroom rules in a practical, comprehensive manner. Probably the most effective bathroom sign.

ENTJ: No bathroom sign. Instead, you find out who the exact offender is and get revenge on them.

ENFP: Let’s be real, you’re not the one posting the signs in the bathroom. You’re the one inciting them.



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Armie Hammer with our favorite Columbia dropout

The beautiful house that served as the setting of Call Me by Your Name is on sale in Lombardi, Italy. It’s fair game: anyone willing and able to purchase it can become its new, loving owner. The only caveat is that it costs $2.7 million. As broke college students, it’s hard to come up with that much money before someone else gets to the house. However, Bwog has come up with several easy ways for you to follow the footsteps of Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer!

  1. Steal all the Canada Goose jackets from frat parties and sell them all. Where are all of the Canada Goose jackets going? To our post-graduation house fund.
  2. Join the football team, where you’re guaranteed a job at Goldman Sachs when you graduate. Don’t worry if you’re not athletic, Columbia’s football team will welcome anyone with open arms.
  3. Become PrezBo’s sugar baby. This probably requires less effort than any of the other options on this list. If you’re looking for something low-commitment, this is for you.
  4. Become PrezBo. If the above doesn’t work out for you, you can always just shape-shift into PrezBo and use your hefty salary to buy the house.
  5. Leave your job as President of Barnard to become President of the Lincoln Center. You better do this fast, though! Rumor has it that DSpar has been secretly eyeing the Call Me by Your Name house.
  6. Pretend you work at the call center and get the alumni to give their donations directly to you. I’m sure Columbia alums would be more than happy to donate to an aspiring young student like yourself.
  7. Harvest and sell the marble used to build Butler. No one needs it, anyway.
  8. Sell Barnard first-year sign-ins to EC. If you live in EC, just stand outside on a Friday or Saturday night. You’ll instantly make millions!

Image via Wikimedia Commons



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Baskets ball.

We’ve all been on the receiving-end of a free giveaway. Just like the aspiring artists in Midtown handing out their mixtapes, Columbia is willing to lose some of their humility to get you to show some school spirit. Here’s some of our suggestions for giveaways that will really mobilize the students of Columbia. 

  • Free pizza at every game, all the time
  • More free T-shirts
  • A reserved warm cup of jungle juice when KDR “runs out”
  • Cardboard cutouts of Camille Zimmerman’s face (They do it for the men’s team!)
  • Player bobbleheads
  • A Roaree PEZ
  • VIP access to a sweaty KDR dance floor experience
  • Seat cushions so that your ass doesn’t get numb by the end of the game
  • A half (or even a third, we aren’t greedy) of a PE absence
  • The combined motivation/bravery of both the cheerleaders and dancers
  • Coupons for Columbia gear (If you want us to rep our school, it has to be affordable.)
  • The will to get through the semester
  • A good excuse to tell your professor when you inevitably fuck up
  • Free drinks, or at least a decent mixer
  • A sugar daddy (we see those alums across the court ;) )
  • Money to afford this painfully expensive school
  • A letter of recommendation from PrezBo
  • Control of the aux during games
  • A good basketball team

Image via Max Pixel.



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The overlap between Lit Hum students and Carman residents is considerable enough that new Bwoggers Michael Wang and Zoe Ewing calculated the fastest way to get from one end of campus to the other. Beware the Butler smoke. 

Your roommate taps on your shoulder.“Don’t you have a 10:10 today?”

Google Maps conveniently laying out the 0.2 mile trip.

You drowsily roll over and look at your phone. It’s 10:06 a.m. Your roommate is right: Lit Hum starts at 10:10.“Fuck!” you say, probably. Let’s pretend you actually care about your classes and you want to get to Lit Hum, which is located in Hamilton. What do you do? Luckily, we’re here to help.

There are 3 different routes from Hamilton to Carman (4, if you include jumping across the fence and taking the ~hypoteneuse~, but we’re not agile or geometrically literate enough for that). Each is technically 0.2 miles long but the exact distance in feet could make the difference between sneaking in at the last minute and walking in to 22 stares at the exact moment your professor says “phallic image.”

Route #1: The College Walk Route
Distance: 908 ft
This route seems pretty nice. You get the ~aesthetic~ of walking down College Walk like a true Columbian (not the nationality), and the long stretch along the path from the 114th street gates to College Walk feels satisfyingly direct. But is it the most efficient route possible? Probably not. But until they take down the tree lights, we say this is the best path if you want the scenic route.

Route #2: Strutting down the center path                                                                                                                            Distance: 908 ft
If you ever need a boost to your self-esteem, this is the best option. Don’t walk on the pavement though; the only way to walk this path is through the grass median. There’s nothing more satisfying than trampling millions of tiny grass people on your way to class and, as a plus, you can stare down the couples making out at the benches on your way to discuss Greek incest. It’s the exact same distance as Route #1, so plan according to your mood.

Route #3: Cigarette smoke
Distance: 816 ft
This path is probably the fast-track to Hamilton, but it’s also probably the fast-track to lung cancer. You have to walk the entire length of the path in front of Butler, weaving your way through clouds of deadly smoke like a French soldier in World War I. Yes, it’s the shortest path, but at what cost?




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Milstein’s vision should include feeding Bwog

On February 15, 2018, students sampled coffee for the new cafe in the Milstein Center. Here are other snacks Bwog wants to see!

  • Fruit cups with berries, pomegranates, etc. No honeydew – we’re tired.
  • Real granola
  • Boba
  • A soup station that is regularly replenished
  • House-made juices
  • Green grapes
  • Avocado toast
  • Boxed water
  • Baklava
  • Soft pretzels
  • Flan
  • Dirty potato chips (that’s a brand, not the quality)

Comment your favorite snacks and hope the gods of Barnard dining are listening.

Bwog’s new kickback spot via Barnard



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Every Tuesday, Bwog brings you a recap of the previous night’s Engineering Student Council (ESC) meeting. This week was…interesting, to say the least. Luckily, fresh Bwogger and seasoned SEAS student Krithika Kuppusamy stepped in to cover it.

The ESC President, Aida Lu (SEAS ’19), has officially been removed from office, after successful impeachment during the general body meeting yesterday.


At last week’s meeting, Montana St. Pierre (2019 Class Rep) moved to impeach Aida in the middle of the Professional Development Representative’s discussion. This may recall Montana’s similar move to impeach Austen Paris (the ex-VP of Finance) at the end of last semester.

Section IV. A. b of the ESC Constitution states that “the executive board is expected to exercise proper judgement before calling a member for formal review,” and Section IV. B. b. i. states that “the impeached member must be informed of the motion for impeachment.” At the time of last semester’s impeachment motion against Paris, President Lu and VP Qamar stated that the impeachment being motioned for in a public meeting fulfilled the second statute. Last week, when faced with a very similar move to impeachment, Lu recused herself from discussion after a speechless six seconds.

Read about how the impeachment went down.



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Meet Anna Coerver, astrophysics student and Bwog’s very first profile for CU Women in STEM!

Bwog Science is bringing you a brand new column, CU Women in STEM! In this feature, we’ll be highlighting the amazing women in science at Columbia. Our first profile is from Anna Coerver (BC ’20), who is as bright and exciting as the stars she studies! 

Major: Physics

What subjects are you interested in? I honestly love most of physics, but I’m all about the astro side–I’m really interested in compact object theory (magnetars, black holes, neutron stars) and cosmology. Also, I love solar physics, anything with a weird magnetic field, anything that explodes, and light phenomena like rainbows and spectroscopy.

How did you get interested in astrophysics? I knew I liked physics in high school, but for some reason, I literally never thought about outer space. Both of my parents are art historians, so science wasn’t really a casual conversation topic in my house, and my high school didn’t offer anything astro-related. I took a class my first semester freshman year called “Theories of the Universe: Babylon to the Big Bang” because it sounded history-like and because I was interested in science history. Somehow, this class totally hooked me on space! The semester after, I took an astronomy class where I went on a spring break trip to an observatory in Arizona. The time in nature plus the astrophotography plus the stars were all I needed to push me into astrophysics as my main interest, and it’s snowballed from there.

What research have you done? I work with the NuSTAR group in the Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory doing high-energy astroparticle physics. I analyze X-ray and gamma-ray data of really energetic objects like pulsar wind nebulae and black hole binaries.

What are your career goals? I want a PhD in astrophysics, and I think I want to be a research scientist, hopefully with my own lab some day. Then again, I might end up living at an observatory on top of a mountain somewhere, and spend my days hiking and teaching kids about space.

Learn more about Anna here!



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In her natural habitat

Our final personal of the 2018 season: if you haven’t seen Gloriana at a football or basketball game, you’ve probably heard her. She cheers on those Lions even when they’re disappointing her to tears, and she’d cheer for you, too, if you went out with her! Email if you want us to set you up.

Name, Year, School, Major: Gloriana Lopez, Senior (2018), CC, Anthropology

Preference: girl for boy

Hometown: San José, Costa Rica

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: no food

What redeems you as a human being? enthusiasm through the roof

Library room of choice: libraries are a social construct

Beverage of choice: Iced tea or tequila

Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest) Tinder (yikes)

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? a Columbia basketball game

Historical Hottie: Young Stalin 😍😍

Photo via Gloriana Lopez



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Richard blessing the foliage behind him

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, it’s never too late to find someone to cuddle up with this cold, (possibly) snowy post-Valentine’s weekend. Our next personal is none other than Richard Shin of Columbia Crushes Fame. But fear not, despite all the Columbia Crushes posts about him, Richard is single and ready to mingle. Email us at if you’re interested in him (before someone else beats you to it)!

Name, Year, School, Major (grad students encouraged): Richard Shin, CC 2018, Data Science
Preference (girl for girl, etc): Boy for girl
Hometown: Cumberland, MD
Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: Being recognized from Columbia Crushes
What redeems you as a human being?
Great friends who tag me too much on Facebook
Library room of choice: Ref
Beverage of choice: Bubble tea
Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest) Tea
Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? Out and about
Historical Hottie: Joseph Stalin



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Strike a pose?

EIC Betsy Ladyzhets and Sports Editor Abby Rubel were gracefully invited to see the 124th Varsity Show’s annual West End Preview last night in the Diana Event Oval, filling in for Bwog’s Arts Editor (who had rehearsal). They had hopes that this year’s production would be stronger than Varsity Shows past, but so far are not particularly impressed.

Last night, Varsity Show put on the West End Preview, their annual teaser for the final production (in this case, V124). These teasers are designed to give viewers a preview of the best songs, characters, and jokes in the show, leaving us wanting more. Unfortunately, this preview left us wanting less.

The plot, from what we saw, revolves around CCSC elections. The protagonist, Julie, is struggling to choose whether to run with Graham, a COÖP leader, or Chelsea, a DG sister. Julie’s motivations for running are unclear. Nor is it obvious why everyone else is so desperate to have her, or why she’s friends with either of the highly unpleasant, self-absorbed co-leads. (We might have been less confused if we could understand anything the actors were saying.)

In the first song, two groups of students, each wearing their own matching T-shirts, sit in circles on the stage. We originally thought this was NSOP, but when Julie (Sophia Houdaigui, BC ’21) starts to talk about the challenges of being a second-semester freshman, it becomes clear we’re seeing a different outdoor picnic. (Surf ‘n’ Turf? We weren’t entirely sure.) She has a decision to make about her next couple of semesters at Columbia—a decision she prolongs with a song about how all her friendships have grown since the beginning of the year. Houdaigui has a strong voice, and the arrangement was passable, but it would have been much more powerful if we’d had a clear idea of what she was singing about. Although context will hopefully ease this issue in the final version of the show, it seems that a lack of clarity has carried over to this year’s production from previous Varsity Shows.

And it didn’t get much better…



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Victoria’s personality is as bright as her smile

All of Bwog’s E-board is looking for love this Valentine’s season, and our Managing Editor Victoria Arancio is no exception. Her friend Kate is available, too (as long as he likes Harry Potter.) If you’re interested in either of these lovely ladies, shoot us an email at and we can set you up.

Name, Year, School, Major: Victoria Arancio, Sophomore, Barnard, English Major, European History minor

Preference: girl for guy

Hometown: Hauppauge, on Long Island

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: He’s a Patriots fan. (Go Big Blue)

What redeems you as a human being? Very little EXCEPT I made a reading nook under my bed!

The reading nook in question

Library room of choice: Anywhere on the 6th floor of Butler, near a window.

Beverage of choice: Vodka

Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest): My tinder style consists of dowloading the app, swiping whilst drunk, and deleting while sober.

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? Dancing on top of an AC in an EC townhouse or 1020. The craziness of my weekend depends on how stressful my week was.

Historical Hottie: Jack Kerouac

Kate’s personal is after the jump



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How could you not like that hat

Columbia first-years: we have found the best of you, and we’re profiling them on our site. Valentine’s Day may have passed, but it’s not too late to score a date with one of these young staff writers. Hit us up at if you’re interested!

Name, Year, School, Major: Jake Tibbetts, CC ’21, Sociology/Political Science

Preference: I’m a Jack Reed looking for his Louise Bryant.

Hometown: Cape Cod, MA

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: She says socialism only works on paper.

What redeems you as a human being? An encyclopedic knowledge of Danny Devito’s filmography.

Library room of choice: Does Brownie’s Cafe count?

Beverage of choice: Cider.

Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest) Bumble, of course.

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? Brooklyn Steel.

Historical Hottie: Simone de Beauvoir.


Mary (not Magdalene)

Name, Year, School, Major: Mary Welsh, 2020 Barnard, Ancient Studies

Preference: Girl for guy

Hometown: St Louis

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: is allergic to peanut butter

What redeems you as a human being? I can make sea salt Nutella brown butter cookies and play guitar.

Library room of choice: I avoid Butler like the plague

Beverage of choice: Black coffee

Which dating apps have you been active on? Tinder

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? Hanging out with friends, cooking or walking around downtown

Historical Hottie: Alexander the Great

Photos via Jake and Mary

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