Bwoglines: Let’s Stay In Our Rooms Forever Edition
Then there's the obvious reason: you won't have to leave bed.

Then there’s the obvious reason: you won’t have to leave bed.

In the rare case of Bwoglines delivering you news you might use, Chipotle is partnering with a delivery service. So that’s food taken care of. (New York Times)

As for the rest of your dietary needs, a new app released by the Federal government will tell you how to extend the shelf life of your perishables, sometimes by 18 months after the expiration date. You can live off that easy mac in your fridge for a while, we’re saying, after your Chipotle exhausts your bank account. (Fox News)

Apparently a significant portion of our sleep issues exist in our heads, and can by extension be dealt with by treating sleep as a mental exercise. And if there’s one thing Columbians love, it’s proving they can excel at mental exercises. Prove how smart you are. Sleep all day. (Huffington Post)

HBO is cracking down on Game of Thrones viewing parties at bars. Your dorm rooms will (probably not) inevitably follow. There is only pain for you in the world. Stay inside. (Chicago Tribune)

Sean Hannity would appear to be backing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker even before Walker announces his candidacy for President. This is definitive group that outside your room people talk about Sean Hannity, Scott Walker, and the 2016 Presidential campaign. You have been warned. (Breitbart)

Paradise, via Shutterstock

Paul Nungesser Files Lawsuit Against Columbia

one-last-shot-of-columbias-beautiful-campusTonight, ABC News reported that Columbia student Paul Nungesser, CC ’15, has filed a lawsuit against Columbia University for failing to protect him against harassment and defamation. This lawsuit comes as a response to fellow CC senior Emma Sulkowicz’s senior thesis performance to carry her mattress around campus during this school year until Nungesser is either expelled or leaves Columbia prior to graduation. Sulkowicz’s Carry That Weight has gained major media attention this past year, and inspired a larger movement called Carrying The Weight Together in colleges and universities across the country. Nungesser has also spoken to the media about his side of the story.

ABC News reports that Nungesser’s lawsuit claims the university has “effectively sponsored” the defamation against him, leaving him feeling “isolated” on campus and hurting his future job opportunities. Both Nungesser and Sulkowicz are expected to graduate in May.

Update, 4/24 10:49 AM: You can find a full copy of the court document here.

Thursday Playlist: Spring Is A Lie Edition

On Saturday it was nearly 80 degrees and today it is right back down to 48 degrees. What’s good?? To boost your mood and warm your soul, Bwog’s personal DJ, Briana “Breezus” Bursten, brings some fresh beats you can jam to.  

Although I prefer this season much more than everlasting winter, the unpredictable nature of spring can be difficult to cope with. Below is a forecast you can trust!! Peep this weather-themed playlist that can get you through the heat, the chill, the rain, the sun, and the occasional hail storm.

  1. Sunshine by Mos Def – Bump this when you flock to the Steps for your slice of Vitamin D.
  2. Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers – Bwog is full of contradictions!! (See above song)
  3. Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival – I’m from Florida, but I think I’ve seen more rain than sun in my time living there (the “Sunshine State” is a misleading name). Also, it rained here yesterday… so I think the answer to this question is yes.
  4. HAIL Mary by 2Pac – This song may have nothing to do with weather, but it has the word “hail” in its title. Also, it’s 2Pac.
  5. Weatherman by Ibeyi – We all know that CUSS > any weatherman in terms of forecast accuracy.
  6. In The Cold, Cold Night by The White Stripes – The perfect song to listen to when you’re sober standing outside 1020 in shorts on a Saturday night and you realize that you’re not dressed for the weather whatsoever. Not speaking from personal experience.
  7. Gust Of Wind by Pharrell – “Gust of wind” is a gentle, poetic way to describe the violent blows that hit us as we walk to class.
  8. Hot in Herre by Nelly – Exactly how I felt when it was 75 degrees outside and the heat was still on in Butler 209. Not cool (literally).
  9. Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers – Maybe its a bit of an over-exaggeration, as snow in the city during this time of year isn’t likely. But hey, prepare for the worst.
  10. Warm Winds (feat. Isaiah Rashad) by SZA – A dreamy tune that makes us feel warm inside.
  11. Weatherman by R. Kelly – A song with this same title has already been included on this playlist, but the two couldn’t be more different stylistically. Peep this!!
  12. Cold by Kanye West, DJ Khaled – For some it’s spring, for others it’s Yeezy Season.
  13. Warm Thoughts by Flume – Think warm thoughts for the rest of the semester and all will be good!!

Petition Against Columbia Dining By SWS And Dining Staff

A petition began circulating today against Columbia Dining, on account of its “arbitrary and racist policies,” co-written by Student Worker Solidarity (SWS) and Columbia Dining Workers. SWS and the dining workers state that they are not allowed to speak Spanish in front of students, nor eat in the Butler lounge during their breaks. These rules are not presently public, an issue with which those petitioning too take issue.

The petition cites a timeline of events, as follows:

Dining Workers orientation: August, 2013 – Vicki Dunn, executive director of Columbia Dining prohibits workers from:

– speaking in Spanish in the presence of students

– sitting at tables in Butler lounge to eat on their break, and must eat in a nearby closet

Dunn claimed both of these rules stemmed from student complaints about dining hall workers speaking in Spanish and taking up table space, erroneously implying that workers should not be sitting during their legally contracted breaks.

Since August workers have found Dunn and Columbia manager Hazel Clark standing behind the cafe attempting to catch workers speaking Spanish.

Early April, 2015 – Hazel Clark tells Butler lounge workers that a student complained about trash being kept outside in the lounge area. Responding to this complaint, Clark ordered that workers move the trash to the closet, where they were also expected to sit when eating.

April 13, 2015 – SWS members send email to Vicki Dunn expressing concern about workers eating in the closet, where the trash was kept and schedule meeting to discuss the issue. In response to the email, Dunn emails Butler Lounge management rescinding the rule that workers should eat in the closet.

April 15 – SWS members meet with Columbia dining administration, who claim not to know about the closet rule. They do not confirm or deny the prohibition on speaking Spanish, but cite student complaints in justifying rules against workers talking amongst themselves.

And their demands, also from the petition:

1. Columbia dining appears to have temporarily reversed the closet rule, but continue to discriminate against workers for speaking Spanish. This must cease immediately.

2. We as students demand that Columbia administration stop using individual student complaints to justify racist and degrading policies such as the prohibition of specific languages and the relegation of workers to cramped and unsanitary spaces.

“This shouldn’t be happening in student’s names, own your own decision, don’t try to pin this on students” – Anonymous Columbia Dining Worker

3. Workers ask that from now on, all new workplace policies be written down, publicly visible, and negotiated with their unions so as to prevent continued abuses.

“If it wasn’t for us, they wouldn’t be raking in thousands of dollars a day from Columbia Dining Services. They need to treat us differently” – Another anonymous Columbia Dining Worker

WBAR-B-Q Is This Saturday
Did the ~~~cool aunts~~~ make this poster?

Did the ~~Cool Aunt$~~ make this poster?

This weekend is the much anticipated WBAR-B-QUE!! Saturday, April 25, at 1 pm Lehman will open its lawns to the coolest event all spring. This year the featured performances are:

  • Diet Cig
  • Stude1nt
  • Swings
  • Bodega Bay
  • Palberta
  • Thug Enhancer
  • Big Ups
  • Dubbel Dutch
  • Perfect Pussy

The precise schedule for the acts hasn’t been released (yet), but the performances will appear in the listed order. Free Indian food will be served at this extravaganza so be sure to get there early to post up on the lawn and jam to music all afternoon. If you would like to preview any of the artists visit the Facebook event and definitely throw WBAR Radio a like on Facebook.

Poster via WBAR on FB

Freshpeople Housing Reviews 2015: Wallach

In the fourth installment of our Freshpeople Housing Reviews, we move to the meat of the Hartley-John Jay sandwich: Wallach Hall. If renovated rooms and single-use bathrooms are your cup of tea, read on!


Location: 1116 Amsterdam Avenue

  • Nearby dorms: Hartley and John Jay are connected by tunnel; Carman and Furnald are just a hop, skip, and a jump away.
  • Food: JJ’s Place and the John Jay dining hall are closer to most Wallach residents than to some in John Jay. Ferris isn’t much of a walk, but it is outside. HamDel is tantalizingly close; Strokos et al. aren’t much of a walk, either.

Why Wallach?

CU UNICEF Presents A Film And Free Pizza

Go to Hamilton tonight!

Columbia University UNICEF is hosting a movie screening tonight from 8 to 10 pm in 302 Hamilton. The feature film, Not My Life by Robert Bilheimer, is about modern day human trafficking spanning across five continents. Additionally, free pizza will be served! Learn more about the documentary by joining the Facebook event and attending the showing.

Bwoglines: Laugh Out Loud and Lots Of Love Edition
"....And that is why you were named Marsh..."

“….And that is why you were named Marsh…”

Yesterday was Earth Day. Naturally, say, if you had a baby yesterday, you would want to commemorate the moment by giving your baby an earth themed name. Thankfully USA Today came out with a list. Personal favorites are Moss and Glade. (USA Today)

Amy Schumer makes us laugh, but apparently doesn’t make Kanye laugh at all. On Tuesday, at the Time 100 Gala, Amy intentionally took a tumble on the red carpet in front of Kim and Kanye. While Amy reenacted a Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” bow down, Kanye uncomfortably looked down and walked around her. (CNN)

BMW has lost all faith in their drivers. The upcoming 7 Series is a self parking driving machine. No need to learn how to parallel park anymore; you just need to stand back and watch. It will be the most expensive valet you ever pay for. The release date has not been set. (Huffington post)

RIP Tinkerbell. Paris Hilton’s original BFF, her chihuahua, died on Tuesday. “My heart is broken…” We feel for you Paris and send you LOL. (jezebel)

Baby in the woods via shutterstock

A Dad Walks Into Diana…
"You must get a lot of female applicants, right?"

*insert bad dad joke*

These past two weekends were admitted students days for prospective first-years at Barnard, and squealing youths took over our campus with their parents in tow. However, our favorite part about Barnard visitors are the confused dads that really have no idea what’s going on and fear their daughter will be a lesbian after going to Barnard. To take a look at the dad perspective, Barnard Babe Courtney Couillard brings us a prospective student’s dad’s thoughts while touring Barnard for the first time. 

Ahh, the day is finally here. After 17 years of raising a wonderfully perfect child (ok, I’m a little biased,) she is finally deciding where to go to college. New York seems like a pretty cool place to go to school considering we’re from New England and the most excitement she can get there is a trip to Boston to see the Blue Man Group. I’ve never heard of this Bernard College, (oh it’s Barnard? Sorry) but it sounds pretty cool and she’s into it so I guess I am, too.

It took us roughly thirty minutes to find the college because we exited the subway on the Columbia side of the street and didn’t know there was another college on the other side of the street. I did a quick head nod to the other dads in the tour group to express dad solidarity. I like to think they understand me. To be honest, I’m not even sure what it means to be an “all-women’s” college. I’ve been pretty much just going off the assumption she’s going to a modern-day nunnery minus the whole becoming a nun thing when she graduates.

The tour guide seems a little too enthusiastic about the school and keeps saying the words “bold, beautiful Barnard.” Do you think there’s a t-shirt in the bookstore that says that?

Musings on feminism and more after the jump…

GSSC Debates Removing A Computer Lab From Lerner
old computer

Out with the computer lab, in with a study lounge!

Bureau chief and campus politics connoisseur Joseph Milholland is back again this week to bring you the latest from last night’s General Studies Student Council meeting.

The administrators who run Lerner Hall want to turn the computer lab on the first floor (near TIC) into a study lounge, according to General Studies Student Council president Peter Nason, who asked his council for input at the Tuesday night general body meeting. The lab, which receives less computer use than Lerner’s 3rd floor lounge, would still have its printers, but its Macs would be taken away.

The idea received a mixed reception from the council members. Several council members commented on the difficulties of using a print station without Columbia computers nearby and asked for some computers to remain, but Nason seemed skeptical the administration would want to keep some computers.

Usenator Katherine Celentano and others mentioned seeing the lab crowded in the past. In response, Nason said that CUIT had accumulated data that showed both Lerner computer labs were being under-used. The data also showed that the first floor lab was being used to print, whereas the third floor lab was being used for longer work.

Nason meets with the Lerner Advisory Committee on Friday, where this issue will be discussed more.

Celentano also gave several University Senate updates, particularly the senate’s work on the Dodge Gym and family policy. While mentioning that the “supporter list keeps growing” for the gym changes, Celentano mentioned that she needs research on functional fitness equipment and gyms at peer institutions. As for family policy, Celentano is looking for a research over the summer. While not a formal internship, Celentano said she was happy to give out a title and letter of recommendation for the job.

Other Updates:

  • VP of Policy Elizabeth Heyman is looking into whether shuttling undergrads to JFK during finals would be a good idea. The buses can hold 38 people, and at $20 per person, they break even. The buses would be open to all four undergrad schools; however, GSSC is still trying to assess the demand for it.
  • Lerner Hall is also going to renovate the Cafe 212 area to make it “more of a student center,” according to Nason.
  • VP of Finance Ian Hewitt had a F@CU pre-meeting in order to, in Hewitt’s words, “brace for impact when it happens.”

A computer fit for a GS-er via Shutterstock

AskBwog: Prospective Romance Edition
the one trick girls don't want you to know

Use this tactic on gentlemen only

We get it–maybe you first fell for your prospie when you saw him carrying an ugly armchair you found on the street up four flights of stairs to your room, or maybe it was when you looked into her big blue eyes over fries at JJ’s. Though Days on Campus is over for the semester, check out these tips for seducing new students on campus (perhaps to be used during NSOP).

Dear Bwog,

Help, the prospie I’m hosting is super attractive! How do I get them out of their sleeping bag and into bed?

Crushing on Pre-frosh

Dear Crushing,

The good news is, prospies are people too! This means that you can seduce them with similar methods to your usual awkward one-night stands. First, a couple of warnings:

  • Know your age of consent. Unless you’re taking your prospie in a whirlwind tour of the entire world (or, as Deantini would call it, “Columbia’s global campus”), you’re probably operating within New York state laws. Most prospies are above 17, which makes it legal but still creepy. If they’re 15 or 16, you’re fine as long as you’re 21 or younger, which is unfortunately still legal.
  • Know your consent. Use this as an opportunity to show your prospie how great Columbia’s consent education is! As always, constant communication is key. While not explicitly required, we recommend asking your prospie for permission to seduce them. Alternatively, paint SVR’s stoplight metaphor on your chest to help the prospie get hands-on experience.

Now, Momma Bwog always has commenters at her feet, so we haven’t had to use any of our additional seduction tips in a while. Our charmed life has led us to forget many of our favorite romantic techniques. Thankfully, the internet is full of bad advice on attracting that person of your dreams. Unfortunately, most of them are prohibitively specific:

Tips for rebels and gentlemen after the jump

Commuter Swipe Access For Residence Halls Re-Instated
Peek behind the Carman desk...

Peek behind the Carman desk…

Earlier this morning, students received an email announcing that CC/SEAS students who commute will be given dorm swipe access starting in the fall. This announcement comes after discussions and proposals from both CCSC and ESC. Because of the various non-residential services of our residential halls, such as drop-in counseling hours with CPS, this change in policy will allow students who choose to live off-campus greater ease in accessing such resources. You can read the full statement from Dean Kromm below:

Following the review of proposals from CCSC and ESC, I am pleased to announce that we will be re-instating commuter swipe access in fall 2015. Currently enrolled CC/SEAS undergraduates who do not live in the residence halls will be able to apply for swipe access into the CC/SEAS undergraduate residence halls during the academic year. Commuters must be in good judicial standing to receive access and will agree to the terms of the Guide to Living while in the halls. The full policy will be available in the Guide to Living this summer.

I appreciate the work of CCSC, ESC, and various campus partners on this initiative and, moving forward, hope to continue to foster similar collaborations around issues that deeply impact student and community life.

Cristen Kromm, Dean of Undergraduate Student Life

That guy is definitely bumping Mike’s mixtape via Shutterstock

Freshpeople Housing Reviews 2015: John Jay

Continuing our assistance for pre-frosh housing selection, here is the third installment of Freshpeople Housing Review, in which we examine that most august residence hall, John Jay.

Location: 548 W 113th St.

  • Nearby dorms: Hartley, Wallach, with Furnald and Carman a College Walk away.
  • Food: Two of three dining halls (John Jay and JJ’s Place), Strokos, HamDel, and Camille’s.


  • Nearby places: Right above two dining halls, to your scale’s growing burden.
  • Bathrooms: Renovated floors have single use, gender neutral bathrooms, while the increasingly few left unrenovated feature the traditional separate boys’ and girls.’
  • AC/Heating: No AC; heating, left outside your control.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Every floor has a lounge, though renovated have better furniture (as could be expected). Every lounge features a whiteboard wall, which adds both to the intellectual aesthetic, and to your ability to successfully complete your problem sets. Unrenovated floors have a “kitchenette” consisting of a grimy sink and microwave. Renovated floors have microwaves in the lounges, but no kitchenettes.
  • Laundry: Currently none; they use the one below Hartley (shared by Wallach) but likely due to this compromise, it is currently free.
  • Intra-transportation: Two sluggish elevators. Lines are common. Beware if you’re on the 15th floor; the elevators only reach 14. This makes moving in and out a hassle for these “Penthouse” residents.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: It varies.
  • Computers/Printers: Two printers in the lobby, and easy access to the Hartley computer lounge.
  • Gym: Nope.
  • Wi-Fi: everywhere, but no ethernet.
  • Special Stuff: Dining halls and campus health are right downstairs. Also love.

But what do the residents think?

Bwoglines: There Is Hope Edition
We see the light!

We see the light!

As he promised back in 2012, Waka Flocka Flame announced his presidency (on 4/20). Despite the fact that he’s not old enough to be president (he’s 28), we at Bwog think his platform sounds pretty solid. (Rolling Stone)

A study of nearly 100,000 children re-confirmed that the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine is not linked to autism. (Huffington Post)

If you haven’t already heard, Netflix ordered a Full House spin-off (called “Fuller House”) about characters D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy. (ABC News)

As if we didn’t know this was going to happen: Jay-Z’s “Tidal” has already left the iTunes Top 700 list of apps, and people are deeming the business venture a failure. (Jezebel)

#spendmoretimeonLowBeach via Shutterstock

From Court To Classroom, Troy Murphy Is A Star
Going to the basket like the pro he is

Going to the basket like the pro he is

In 2001, as a college junior at Notre Dame, Troy Murphy left his academic career behind in the hopes of joining the National Basketball Association and pursuing a dream. Later that year, that dream—so elusive for so many—would come true when Murphy was drafted as the 14th pick in the first round of the 2001 NBA Draft. After a solid 12-year career with many NBA teams, Murphy decided to leave behind basketball and finish his degree at Columbia’s School of General Studies. Max Rettig spoke with Troy yesterday, where he discussed his life, his NBA career and his academic ambitions. 

MaxWhat is life like for you at Columbia? The recent New York Times profile came out with the headline “A Big Man in the N.B.A., but Not on Campus at Columbia.” Do you feel that way? Do people recognize you, even though you’re trying to keep a low profile? Are you trying to keep a low profile?  

Troy Murphy: I think when I went back to school, one of the attractive characteristics about Columbia is the fact that they have this General Studies program where they have people from nontraditional backgrounds…so I fit that bill having a nontraditional background. I’ve just tried to immerse myself in the whole experience, and it’s been really interesting. A great learning experience and growing experience for me.

In terms of people knowing who I am, yeah, I think, some of the athletes knew I played basketball and stuff, so there were a fair amount.

M: How involved are you in the campus sports scene? Do you pay attention to the basketball team, go to games at all? You had a successful NBA career–do you consult for the basketball team at all? Do you have any connections with individual players?

T: Yeah, I’ve been to a couple games this year, and went to a couple games last year. I only started in January last year… I haven’t been to any NBA games since I was a player. I’d like to go, but schoolwork takes up a large amount of my time… On weekends, especially since football has ended, and they’ve put the NBA games on on Sundays and stuff, I’m able to catch those, so those are fun. I’ll catch those, and now that the playoffs are starting, I’m trying to tape the games and watch them a little bit.

I root for the teams I’ve played for, and for some of the guys I’ve played with. Rooting for Golden State—they’ve had an unbelievable year—and then I’m also rooting for Chicago in the Eastern Conference too, so I enjoy it as a fan now.

M: You last played for the Mavericks. How was playing for Mark Cuban?

T: It’s pretty cool. He’s really involved, more so than any other owner on any other team I’ve played for. He’s right there, he’s on the plane, you have direct access to him. He makes his presence felt. He definitely lets you know how he feels.

M: You were drafted in the same first round as some all-star players, namely Jason Richardson, Tony Parker, and Pau Gasol, as well as Jason Collins, the first openly gay player in the NBA. Do you have any thoughts on being part of such a successful and historical draft class? 

T: Yeah, I never really thought about it like that. I’m proud to be part of a draft class that had a lot of successful players. I know a lot of people give the 2000 class a tough time, so to be part of the 2001 class is probably better. ….we have guys that are still contributing in the NBA. I think Tony Parker was part of that class, Pau Gasol, it had some great European players. That was the year that a lot of high school guys came out and a first-time high school guy was picked number one, so it was a good class to be a part of, yeah.

Read Troy’s thoughts on the NBA, NCAA and school