The Dog Days
One month left.

One month left.

The summer is sliding by.

  • Morton Williams is boycotting Turkish products. (Gothamist)
  • This guy turned his GS admissions essay into a Kindle book, so we bought it. Highlight: “I have never smoked a cigarette, drank beer, or used any illegal drugs.” (Amazon)
  • All old campus buildings still have asbestos, and are continuing treatments begun this spring.
  • Spec was threatened. (Post)
  • The f***ball team is really turning itself around. (Daily News)
  • More Manhattanville, more demolition. (Commercial Observer)
  • Gulati is a badass, and his birthday is coming up in about a week. (CNBC)
  • Columbia’s startup incubator location will have free beer. (Capital)
  • Our school is expensive. (University Herald).
  • We offer our sincere condolences to Luciano Rebay’s family and friends. (Boston Globe).

Update 3:11 p.m.: PrezBo just sent out a press release announcing his appointment of Suzanne Goldberg, Herbert and Doris Wechsler Clinical Professor of Law, as Special Advisor to the President on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.

Professor Goldberg is currently the director of the Law School’s Center for Gender and Sexuality Law and head of its Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic. As PrezBo’s Special Advisor, she will help develop programming for students, faculty, and staff, and create the organizational structure for the new office of the Executive Vice President of Student Affairs (identity: still unknown). Read his press release:

Read it…

What’s Up With Those Email Aliases?
Something's not quite right here...

Something’s not quite right here…

Columbia College University Senators Jared Odessky, Marc Heinrich, and Ramis Wadood sent out the below email regarding the new email aliases sent out to students this morning, and they’re not happy.

They’d previously been in contact with CUIT about creating new email aliases “especially for trans* identified students who wanted to display a name different from the one on their official documents” and to “create a more public-friendly alias.” CUIT told them it couldn’t happen this summer, then shocked us all with our new aliases this morning. Check your inbox, but we don’t see how the new aliases are any better than what we currently have (as most seem to follow a first initial, middle initial, last name, 4-digit UNI number format), and students have no choice in the matter.

If you’d like to give feedback to your senators as they continue to pester communicate with CUIT, you can do that.

An email from JO-MH-RW after the jump.

Google Drive Enabled for LionMail (Finally)

Google Drive will finally be available through LionMail starting in late July. CUIT sent an email presumably to all LionMail accounts with the announcement this afternoon. Another email from Jared Odessky of University Senate adds that, “This was the result of a year-long student push in the Senate IT Committee since September.” And it’s about time: Columbia first switched to Gmail from the now defunct CubMail in 2012. The full email from CUIT is after the jump.

This is the jump.

Book Culture Re-hires Employees
I've heard Bank Street Bookstore is pretty nice...

One of the flyers that was circulated.

After much media attention and a protest outside of its stores, Book Culture just sent out the following email, stating that it has re-hired the four managers who were fired last week and that “there is no longer a labor dispute.”

To Our Friends,

We have re-hired all four store managers who were terminated last week. There is no longer a labor dispute. Book Culture has now recognized the RWDSU as the union representing our employees.

We are respectful of the rights of our employees to unionize and of the views of our customers in the community and the university. As we have gotten to know the RWDSU this past week, we believe that we and the RWDSU are well aligned in urging all customers to shop at Book Culture to support your local independent bookstore and to support the unionized employees who depend on your patronage of the two stores.

Chris, Annie & the Book Culture Team

The Wall Of Ultimate Shame

You’ve got to be joking. We received this text and screenshot from a tipster:

“bwog i got my last grade (advanced grammar and grammars with timberlake) yesterday and if that doesn’t take its own special spot on the wall of ultimate shame then i don’t know what would”

this can't be real


We agree. According to the directory, the 25-student Linguistics G4206 class had its final on Monday, May 12th. Did the students have to write dissertations?! Did the professor visit rural New Guinea?! The world may never know.

Summer Ch-ch-ch-changes

A Conspicuous Absence

While you’re sweating over data entry and filling coffee cups in your summer internship, you might look back at those strange, wild memories of Butler Library dominating the four a.m. sky as you walked from drudgery to sleep and pine for a return to the college life. Don’t worry. We’re here to give you every minute morsel of gossip from the Morningside Heights bubble to feed your Columbia addiction over the summer.

  • 11:59 p.m. is the deadline for summer transfer, so log into the housing portal if you’re unhappy with the room you’re currently scheduled to live in for the upcoming school year. We can’t promise you that your new room will be any better, though.
  • As pictured, the Class of 1929 gates have been removed from the exit by John Jay.
  • Barnard has added six new trustees to its board: Golden Globe-winning actor Dylan McDermott (!) (he has a daughter at Barnard), executive coach and leadership development consultant Terry Newman ’79, telecommunications executive Allen Salmasi, Warren Wilson College President Steven Solnick, Brazilian philanthropist Carolina Steinbruch, and renowned choreographer Twyla Tharp ’63.
  • Spec reports that Havana Central will be replaced by Heartland Brewery. Here’s hoping they’ll invite Bwog to review them and give us complimentary drinks.
  • There will be a memorial service held tomorrow evening for Andrew Hamilton, GS ’13, who recently passed away.
  • Gulati is in the news lately solely because of our photoshop contest because he is the president of the US Soccer Federation. Here he is at a party with Will Ferrell, being even more of a badass than he was during your Principles class:

Should You Boycott Book Culture?
tbh I was on my way to nussbaum for a bagel, i wasn't looking for this story

I’ve heard Bank Street Bookstore is pretty nice…

Labor-dispute Lover Maud Rozee spoke to the two sides involved in Book Culture’s recent union-related struggles.

On June 26th, Gothamist reported that five of Book Cultures thirty employees claim they were fired because they voted to unionize, and that the vote was marred by unfair tactics by the owners. Today, those employees, as well as their union representative, are distributing flyers calling for a boycott outside Book Culture’s Broadway location.

Book Culture’s owners claim that four of the employees fired because they voted to unionize even though they were classified by Book Culture as managers. The National Labor Relations Board forbids supervisors (or managers) to align themselves with a union, as it would be a conflict of interest. Chris Doeblin, one of Book Culture’s owners, claims the fifth employee was fired over an incident which was “totally unacceptable in the workplace.”

Casey McNamara was one of the employees fired from her position hours after the vote. According to McNamara and the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), the majority of Book Culture’s managers do not fall under the NLRB’s definition of “supervisor.” McNamara claims that the “managers” didn’t have the abilities to hire, fire, or discipline employees. The union believes that around half of Book Culture’s employees are classified as managers purely as a way for the ownership to decrease the size of the bargaining unit and create divisions within the staff. The NWDSU has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against Doeblin because of the firings.


While You Were Out
A 2 a.m. food cart run, but during the day.

A 2 a.m. food cart run, but during the day.

Most of us may not be on campus anymore, but Morningside Heights stops for no one. In the time you’ve been having exciting summer adventures watching Netflix in your bed, here are some of the things you’ve missed:

Food cart via Shutterstock

PrezBo’s Term Extended To 2018
PrezBo too will remain seated, pensive, and probably nude in his office

PrezBo too will remain seated, pensive, and probably nude in his office

According to a rumor, President Bollinger just received a two ­year extension on his contract. On Friday, the Columbia University Board of Trustees voted to extend PrezBo’s contract until 2018.

PrezBo was originally set to leave Low in 2016. Back in 2010, Bloomberg reported that Bollinger had “agreed with the board of trustees” to a contract that pushed the end his term (beginning in 2002, when he replaced George Rupp) from 2012 to 2016.

It seems that this extension came as no surprise to PrezBo. In an interview with Spec last October, PrezBo described the end date of his presidency in loose terms, saying “I’m making no plans about when [I will step down]. I’m continuing to act as if I’ll do this forever, which, obviously, is not true. But the kind of illusion that this goes on and on is the right way to approach this job. It’s a great honor and I’m very appreciative.”

Lately, under PrezBo’s watch, the university has been getting bad press in places like the front page of the New York Times regarding the mishandling of sexual assault. PrezBo was also— rather predictably —criticized by this year’s Varsity Show for his lack of engagement with undergrads.

By 2018, Bollinger will have been president for sixteen years, making his tenure the longest since Nicholas Murray Butler’s 43-year reign.

A younger PrezBo via Wikimedia Commons

Overseen: Mike Wazowski In McBain

Like a vomit-covered caterpillar transforming into an unsightly butterfly, McBain is undergoing summer renovations. Before our very eyes, McBain is becoming… a habitable environment the factory from Monsters Inc. Sources tell us that one of the doors leads to a Himalayan ice cave, while the rest lead to your parents’ basement.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.43.46 PM


Bwoglines: Early June Edition
Enjoy the view from your intern laptop.

Enjoy the view from your intern laptop.

Are you enjoying your summer job? A Columbia student is working as mermaid-stripper called Naiad at an undercover strip club in New York. (NYT)

A U.S. Army Captain stationed in Afghanistan made a surprise appearance at his daughter’s class day. Make sure you grab a Kleenex before you watch. (NY Daily News)

Morton B. Friedman, beloved long-time professor of civil engineering, has died at age 86. We offer our condolences to his family and friends. (Columbia)

Havana Central is reportedly closed. (Yelp)

GSSC has filled its last E-board position and has appointed Oraia Reid as VP of Campus Life.

Tipped: “Yay Strauss Fest!!!

The group Columbia Alumni Allied Against Sexual Assault held a forum during Columbia’s reunion weekend to discuss reforms and respond to rape culture on campus.

De Blasio and Cuomo might want the Obama presidential library, but where would we put it? (Sun-Times)

Columbia Health services is now providing free emergency contraception during walk-in hours, no appointment necessary. (Coalition Against Sexual Violence).

Check out this Project Not Asking For It video made by Columbians:

And finally, a note from EIC Sarah Faith Thompson:

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve chosen to have the humorous and witty Maud Rozee join me as an editor in chief of Bwog next semester. We look forward to making Bwog better than ever, together. Two is better than one.

CC Class Day 2014 And University Commencement, As Seen Through Social Media

Yesterday was CC’s Class Day, featuring Dan Futterman, your CC Val and Sal, lots of red tape, Deantini, and the ever-present PrezBo.

Erik Campano cleared up any confusion about the red tape graduates were placing on their caps:

The red tape that students are wearing during their graduation and commencement ceremonies this year symbolizes their support for a safer campus, and solidarity with students who have experienced sexual violence. It serves as a reminder that Columbia still has many changes to make, in order to be a leader nationwide in the fight against sexual assault at colleges and universities.

Sadly, we didn’t have a reporter on the scene to get more of CC Class Day, as all of Bwog is cuddling with their dogs in bed, remember?

Today was university-wide Commencement, which we relive through social media below. We are deeply indebted to the Snapchat friends of “thebwog.”

The rest of commencement, and pictures.

Senior Wisdom: Arvind Srinivasan

Arvind Srinivasan

The other half of the Bwog Tech dream team: Arvind Srinivasan, a man who shatters our previous “cheese-related puns” record.

Name, Hometown, School, Major: Arvind Srinivasan, 510, Bay Area, CA, SEAS, Computer Science

Claim to fame: As a 4 year member of the shadow Bwog government, I ran tech with Sam (Ruby Prince/ Big Deal/ Flat Stanley) Aarons, which meant that I was a voting member on the committee that made Bwog white. For those not around for it, the general reaction was this. I made the decision to give comment trolls the reward of Comic Sans. I was also the president of the Rock Climbing Club. One of the people at Chipotle knows my name, and I have over 250 seamless confirmations in my email (pad thai is the only part of a balanced diet, right?).

Where are you going? Zurich, Switzerland to work at Google on giving Gary Busey something else to talk to. Recognizing that there are Google offices in NYC and Mountain View, this is not a slight on the two places I have lived, which are the greatest and greatest places in the world, respectively. I’m just sick of waking up at 7AM to watch soccer games.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2018?

1) If you’ve ever felt that Columbia isn’t giving you your money’s worth extra-curricularly, or have a passing interest in anything remotely athletic, join one of the club sports. Joining the Climbing Club was the best decision I made in the last 4 years (aside from maybe buying a hammock), not only because going on outdoor trips on weekends probably (relatively) preserved my sanity, but because I found a community early-on that turned out to be the greatest group of mentors and friends anyone could hope for (to be fair, I’m sure this is true for other clubs as well). Also, club sports get an incredible amount of financial support from Columbia, and are designed to be as cheap as possible for people to go on otherwise expensive trips.

I was promised cheesy puns.

Senior Wisdom: Sam Aarons

Sam Aarons + jealous bison

Meet one half of the reason that Bwog doesn’t break on a daily basis. This next Senior Wisdom comes from Sam Aarons, who looks pretty fly in a panda hat.

Name, Hometown, School, Major: Sam Aarons, Salinas, CA (no I haven’t read Of Mice and Men, yes I have read Cannery Row), SEAS, Computer Science

Claim to fame: Print@CU, Housing@CU, Courses@CU, WikiCU, this one article, and Bwog Tech for four years.

Where are you going? San Francisco, to fulfill my lifelong dream of starting my own company and being unable to have a vacation for the next 2 years. I’m thinking 1) a social network for Dairy Queen employees or 2) a website that pretends to send your documents to printers on campus.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2018?

1) Don’t be in such a rush to graduate early. I’ve had a few opportunities to drop out and live the Zuckerberg Dream™, but each time I decided that I just wasn’t ready yet. Being at Columbia is an immensely personal experience and has allowed me to grow as an individual. You might be able to pull that off in 3/2/1 year(s), but it’s really the constant interaction with others who are going through the same experience that really makes it worth sticking out for.

But how should I meet other Dairy Queen employees?

Senior Wisdom: Anna Bahr

Anna Bahr

Our last Senior Wisdom of the day comes from the beautiful and badass Anna Bahr. If you don’t already know who she is, get ready for some serious learnin’.

Name, Hometown, School, Major: Anna Bahr, Los Angeles loyalist, Barnard, “Political Science”

Claim to fame:  Managing Editor of The Blue and White. Among other things, I wrote stuff about student debt, sexual assault, killing mice, and why I know what I’m talking about. Natural volume of my voice is a few decibels louder than your avg human, so you’ve probably heard me whining with a soft yell in Butler.

Where are you going? Headed to The Upshot at the NYT for at least a bit.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2018?

1) Try not to be an asshole. For a long time I thought post-adolescence was an unavoidably selfish time. But we can try a little harder. Freshman year especially can be tough: everybody has the same new shot at being their best or coolest self and everybody knows it’s a little phony and embarrassing and everybody feels insecure and uncertain. There’s a lot to be gained from being kinder and more generous with people than you expect yourself to be. Curb the judgment for at least a minute. Also, try not to pat yourselves on the back for your SAT scores or college acceptance letters. It’s boring.

Tell us the best place to lose a tooth, please.