Overseen: We Found The Missing School Spirit…

…and it’s on this kid’s sneakers!  In case your eyes don’t have the zooming power of a microscope, these rad kicks read “Columbia 2017″ near the heel.  We can only hope there’s some sort of irony involved.


New spring fashion?

Bwoglines: Forbidden Love Edition
"Not in front of the airplane!  He's my ex."

“Not in front of the airplane! He’s my ex…”

So you probably missed the blood moon last night (like we did), but you can still check out some awesome pictures (and find out what a blood moon actually is). (Space)

Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi is sentenced to a year of community service for his crimes, which for some reason sounds kind of comical to us. (Time)

We want to go to there. (NY Daily News)

So airplane porn is a thing now somewhere. (USA Today)

We think the Daily News needs to update its definition of the word “masterpiece.” (NY Daily News).

Love triangle via Shutterstock

AskBwog: Spark@CU
Such tasteful iOS 7-style blurring.

Such tasteful iOS 7-style blurring.

We’ve been receiving several tips over the last week or two about a possible “Columbia/Barnard Tinder” site, Spark@CU, so we decided to investigate. Some of you may have received emails from Spark@CU similar to those sent out by DateMySchool last year, such as this one:

Subject line: Spark@CU
Hey there! We have exciting news for you. Another Columbia/Barnard student added you to their list on Spark@CU. Log in to make your own list, and see who you’ll let sparks fly with!
Register and start your list at http://www.sparkatcu.com/

We also got this question from our anonymous tip form:

mama bwog, so is spark@cu a thing or am i being catfished. my bullshit senses are down after an all nighter

much love, zzzzz

Two of your friendly editors went over to the site to see if phishing was amok. Our verdict? Seems pretty legit. We registered, entered each other’s UNIs, and quickly received emails from the site first saying that we’d been added by someone else, and then a second with the UNI of the mutual connection. We were invited to respond to the email to get the conversation flowing.

So there you have it. Go forth and find love in a hopeless place, fellow Columbians.

Post-Bacchanal Roundup

Now that Bacchanal is over we feel it is our duty to tell you all the other things that have happened.  The following is a collection random snippets, photos and tips that we’ve received over the past few days.Oh, and then there are those prospies and their shenanigans. 

Prospies make people not so prosperous:

  • “Two prospie girls in my LitHum this morning. One left early, the other talked too much. Like more than people in the class. Super awkward”
  • Email subject: “If those are prospies screaming” Email text: “Violence is going to happen.”
  • “Lerner elevators stopping on EACH floor (for me to get to fifth) to let kids in/out, I am asked EACH TIME if I’m ‘also a prospective student’ (this makes four times asked).”
  • And this: “Girl tries to get into Lerner and doesn’t realize that they have a special turnstile. Person working at desk tells the people arriving behind her about the turnstile. Her response: ‘Shoot! Why didn’t you tell me about that?! Now I ain’t choosing Columbia.’”

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Which Famous Columbia/Barnard Grad Are You?

Pulitzers in Pulitzer
PrezBo and Eugenides in 2003

PrezBo and Eugenides in 2003

This afternoon, the 2014 winners of the Pultizer Prize were announced here at Columbia University in Pulitzer Hall.

Noted winners include the journalists who led the exposure of the U.S. government secret surveillance aided by Edward Snowden. Boston Globe grabbed an award for their coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing. Also, the international reporting by Reuters was acknowledged in their effort to report on the Muslim minority prosecuted in Myanmar.

Here is the list of winners:

Underwater Basket Weaving: Fall 2014
What's a pirate's favorite astronomical object? - a stARRRR; What's a pirate's favorite place to drink? - a bARRRRR; What's a pirate's favorite mode of transportation? (scroll over for answer)

What’s a pirate’s favorite astronomical object? – a stARRRR; What’s a pirate’s favorite place to drink? – a bARRRRR; What’s a pirate’s favorite mode of transportation? (scroll over for answer)

Fall registration is upon us, so we’ve compiled a set of classes that are probably awesome but are definitely oddly-titled. We’re almost certain they have an ambiguous practical application.  That said, it’s a privilege to attend a university that can offer such amenities as wild classes for its undergrads, and if we can’t take them, we might as well laugh about them. Also, if you take Food Writing, please let us know if there are field trips. 

English W3965x Food Writing

History BC3180 Merchants, Pirates, & Slaves

HIST BC 3305x Bodies and Machines

ENGL W3950x Poetics of the Warrior

Insanity in the academy.

CCSC: What Are Those Student Reps For?


CCSC this week was all about transparency.  So we present to you this article in the most transparent way, with as little commentary as possible.  It was written by CCSC correspondent Joe Milholland. 

At Sunday night’s Columbia College Student Council meeting, the council had a discussion about student representatives on academic committees, particularly the Committee on Instruction and the Committee on the Core. Currently, these committees are not transparent.

Vice President of Policy Bob Sun asked the council about “what we can do as a council” to ensure that students have a voice in these committees. Sun said that last year the committees tried to work to make their agendas more “public” and their student reps more “empowered,” but this year it seems that such reforms have diminished and become “opaque.” CCSC’s rules on how student representatives should do their jobs are unclear. The council wants the representatives to do more, but since they cannot impeach them, they have no formal way of making them do more.

Someday my rep will come.

Dive Into Registration, Autumn ’14
A swimming pool full of either knowledge or liquor, either way you gotta dive in it

A swimming pool full of either knowledge or liquor, either way you gotta dive in it

Class registration for Fall semester is under way, starting today for you rising seniors.

Instructions sponsored by Kendrick Lamar:
Check SSOL for your appointment times. Drank. Go to CULPA to get more info. Drank.  Use the University Bulletin to get useless info. Drank.  Set your schedule using ADI’s helpful tool.  Pass out. Drank. Pass out. Drank.

A swimming pool via Shutterstock

Bwoglines: Bitter Ironies Edition
"Yup, definitely ironic."

“Yup, definitely ironic.”

Rather than running for office, it seems many former Obama aides are going into consulting… Looks like the President uses CCE too much. (NYT)

In light of the recent events around “Heartbleed,” the President has failed to call for full disclosure on security exploits made available to various Executive Agencies.  (Wikipedia, Al-Jazeera America)

James Franco tried to parody his trying to sleep with a teenage girl moment. (Gawker)

This is a so-so, perhaps even poorly written, article on how irony is ruining our culture according to thinking of the late great David Foster Wallace. (Salon)


Proto-hipsters ought to die via Shutterstock

Conflict Resolution At Bacchanal?

Remember that time during Lupe’s set when he pretty much called us out on our drama and supported conflict resolution between Israelis and Palestinians (and the US?) In case you were too drunk and blacked out at this point in the show, Lupe brought up three students—one holding a Palestinian flag and one holding an Israeli flag (and a third with an Adbusters flag—why?)—and began to address the issue we can’t seem to get over right before his final song, “The Show Goes On,” in which he references the Gaza Strip. Lupe told us that “us political science and government majors” need to “figure this shit out.” If only we could, Lupe… But really, this shit was far too real to handle towards the sloppy end that was Bacchanal. Are we really all friends now because Lupe said so? Probably not after he repeatedly referred to the women in the audience as “bitches,” but good try.

Here are some photos from when it all went down:

Next Fall (By CU Players, Not In Real Life – Don’t Worry)
It's pretty, tho

Really not prepared to think about next fall yet!

Friday night, CU Players continued their production of Next Fall that ran from Thursday through Saturday. To see what the play was all about, Avid Acting Admirer Ali Sawyer went out to Friday night’s performance and reports on how it went.

Featuring talk of (abandoned) yoga mats, gayness, hypochondria, and religion, the topics of Next Fall, a 2009 play by Geoffrey Nauffts, are familiar to all of us. From the mundane to the profound, the play is a familiar and personal choice for a Columbia audience. Since we are bound to see our own qualities reflected in the characters, the show can suck us down an emotional sinkhole.

That’s what it did to me, anyway. I left feeling emotionally drained. It speaks to the strength of the acting that the play can hit such highs and lows of emotion side by side. Next Fall is played by a small and mighty cast of just six actors. Jumping through time out of chronological order, they tell the story of a gay couple, Luke and Adam, who struggle to make sense of their conflicting religious views.

The play begins with a dingy couch in a hospital waiting room. Three young friends and two older people, Luke’s parents, anxiously await word on Luke, who has been severely injured in an accident. Only after the play leaps back to an earlier year and then returns to the waiting room do we learn that Adam and Luke were in a relationship.

Luke and Adam, played by Aaron Kane and Zachary Flick, respectively, capture the playfulness of a new relationship with their scarcely-contained peppiness. The story soon shifts to heavier territory (although Flick persists with a jumpy quality for his character throughout): Luke and Adam’s relationship issues. While Luke is a devout Christian, stuck with the residue of his strict religious upbringing; Adam is an atheist undeterred from grilling his partner on his beliefs.

Oh shit–how does that work out?

Classes To Take Before You Die I Mean Graduate
College is fun!

College is fun!

Registration starts tomorrow for Fall 2014 classes, and we know you’ve been incessantly scrolling through CULPA and the directory trying to find that perfect schedule to compile in Courses by ADI. Keeping with tradition, here is our list of classes you should take before you die to help with the selection process. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

History: History of the City of New York, Kenneth Jackson

English: Modernism, Margaret Vandenburg

Philosophy: Philosophy of Law, Michele Moody-Adams

Anthropology: Archaeology Before the Bible, Brian Boyd

Computer Science: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Java, Adam Cannon

Computer Science: Advanced Programming, Jae Lee

Comparative Literature: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and the English Novel, Lisa Knapp

Economics: Gender and Applied Economics, Lena Edlund

English: Romantic Poetry, Erik Gray

Ethnicity and Race: Post 9/11 Immigration Policy, Elizabeth Ouyang

Feed your brain

Bwog Meeting Tonight
In the words of Bey, "we been drankin"

In the words of Bey, “we been drankin”

We’re certainly riding the struggle bus—if not driving it—but we’re pushing on for our weekly meeting. Come hang out with us tonight at 7pm in the SGO Room on the 5th Floor of Learner. Come enjoy some laughs and snacks. Wow, those sound like everyone’s two favorite things. Come participate!

Oh, speaking of Bey; if you haven’t heard this cover of Drunk in Love by Ed Sheeran, you’re welcome.

True struggle via Shutterstock

Bacchanal 2014: The Day After

The sun is shining and the birds are singing. However, most of Columbia is still probably hiding under a sheet and trying to forget every decision that was made yesterday. Reflecting on those decisions and the shitshow that was yesterday, here’s a final roundup of the tips Bwog received in that Bacchanal daze.

Here are some of the classy, hopefully unidentifiable Snapchats that Bwog’s account received yesterday. Remember to add thebwog as a friend on Snapchat to keep sending us filtered regrets!

Oh, there’s more