Latest Blue And White Issue Available Now!

Check out that design though…

Rejoice! The Blue and White has just arrived on campus. You can find a copy in your dormitory, Butler, Lerner, and the Diana.

For those of you impatient to get your hands on the real deal, here are a few highlights from the issue:

Barnard discusses opening admissions to trans women

Should university administrators be earning more than $1 million?

George Joseph is a Campus Character

CC And SEAS Class Day Speakers Announced
Mayor Garcetti

Mayor Garcetti

Columbia College has announced that L.A. Mayor, Columbia Urban Experience founder, and All My Children actor Eric Garcetti (CC ’92) will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Class Day. After graduating from the College, Garcetti went on to SIPA, where he earned his master’s degree in International Affairs. He followed this up with a stint in East Africa and professorships at USC and Occidental College before finally finding his way into Los Angeles politics.

From the announcement:

“We are honored that Eric Garcetti CC’92 has accepted our invitation to return to campus to speak to the graduating class of 2015. Eric was on the Columbia College Student Council, performed in the Varsity Show, and rowed freshmen crew. He left a special legacy at the College, as the founder of CUE, which has introduced generations of Columbians to the city and the community,” said James J. Valentini, dean of Columbia College and vice president for Undergraduate Education. “Eric, now the mayor of Los Angeles, the nation’s second largest city, is one of our most distinguished former students. We are looking forward to welcoming him back to campus for Class Day.”

Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz

SEAS, meanwhile, went with Ben Horowitz (CC ’88), a tech executive and venture capitalist who has had a hand in such great successes as AOL and Netscape. Horowitz is now a parter at his own VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz, and serves on the Columbia University board of trustees.

From the announcement:

“We are very pleased to have Ben Horowitz as our Class Day speaker this year,” said Mary C. Boyce, dean of Engineering and Morris A. and Alma Schapiro Professor. “As a Columbia College graduate with both a BS and MS in computer science, as a Columbia College parent, and as a Columbia University trustee, Ben epitomizes the intersection of academic scholarship with the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that permeates not just Columbia Engineering but also the University. I know he will inspire our students to take what they’ve learned both inside and outside our classrooms and work hard to transform our world.”

For a preview of Horowitz’s wisdom, look no further than “Ben’s Blog,” where he posts his darkest fantasies business musings.

SEAS’s class day will take place on May 18th and CC’s the day after.

Overseen: Law And Order: SVU Films Episode Near Campus

We received two tips earlier today after students witnessed Law and Order: SVU cast and crew filming an episode near campus. Continue to send us information of what’s going on around this part of town by emailing us at 

Tip #1: “Law and Order SVU is currently filming the ‘protesting outside of Prezbo’s house’ scene for their Mattress Girl episode. [They are] filming at 147 Claremont Ave.”

Tip #2: “Law and Order SVU filming Columbia episode near campus.” This tip also included a photo of the scene, which can be found below:

Drinking With Bwog: Frontiers Of Drunkenness Edition


We sent two baby Bwoggers to their 11 am FroSci lecture as they guzzled a bottle or two of the cheapest white wine International had to offer (−OH, ya feel?). Throughout the lecture, they managed to develop a drinking game AND learn about black holes (though we all know that their consumption induced them into their own black hole of drunkenness). Read about their experience and the innovative drinking game that you can now replicate (isn’t repetition a part of the scientific method anyway?). 

We walked into FroSci lecture yesterday morning (right past the security guards harassing other froshies for bringing in chamomile tea and Starbucks tiramisu lattes) toting two iClickers, a box of granola, two nondescript containers (a Minute Maid apple juice bottle and a Blue Java travel mug) filled with a bottle’s worth of pinot grigio, and a genuine love for science. The lecture started with the lecturer saying that they would start cracking down on cell phone use in lecture…but what about drinking?

We played at pacing ourselves–drinking games are great ways to do that, right? Predictably, the rule list got long enough after the first ten minutes that it was more a dash to the finish than anything else. Here were the rules:

Drink when…

  • Someone asks a question
  • Everyone collectively flips the page of the lecture slide packet they printed out
  • The lecturer describes the FroSci “team” as “data-driven”
  • The lecturer plugs the Twitter (@FoSColumbia #FroSci)
  • You have to use your iClicker (not nearly often enough for the $40 price tag!)
  • You get the iClicker question wrong
  • You get the iClicker question right
  • The lecturer describes a ridiculous scenario (like dropping your keys in an elevator to test if you’re in a building or in space?)
  • Some asshole gets up to use the bathroom and makes you pull in your legs
  • An athlete falls asleep

Read more about drunken FroSci after the jump!

Bwoglines: Things That Begin With The Letter “M” Edition

not Eminem, but M&Ms

Your concerned parent probably sent you this article already via email (or maybe that’s just us?), but ten students and two visitors at Connecticut’s Wesleyan University were hospitalized this past weekend following their consumption of a bad batch of molly. Two remain in critical condition, while another two remain in serious condition. (Rolling Stone)

Surprise!! Researchers in Southeast China found a 1,000-year-old mummy inside a gold-painted statue of Buddha. The remains are believed to belong to Liuquian, a high-status Buddhist monk. (LiveScience)

Khloe Kardashian was able to make it to the Oscars on Sunday despite her involvement in a car accident that happened just one day earlier while on a family vacation in Montana. Although North West was in the car, it was Kim who was the baby in the situation… Khloe said that “Kim was screaming and crying” the entire time. (NY Daily News)

Following a terrorist threat from Somali militant group al-Shabab, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson called for increased protection at Minnesota’s Mall of America. (Washington Post)

Melts in your hand, not in your mouth via Shutterstock

Field Notes: Demons Of The Night Edition
Actually, they're not scared of anyone. They are streets.

These streets are more scared of you than you are of them.

In the wintertime, night transforms New York City streets into something brooding, unknowable, and not a little monstrous. It’s part of our hometown charm. This weekend, going out into this dark world, we discovered that whether it was our sober clumsiness, drunken hungriness, or just the desire to go to a bar in Brooklyn, the worst demons lie not in the shadows, but in ourselves. Next weekend, be sure to fight down your own personal demons and submit your stories to

Where did your demons take you this weekend?

  • I slipped on ice twice on college walk while sober/alone and a) got a gnarly scab and b) random parts of my body are non-consecutively sore. I legit feel like I lost a significant amount of brain cells to college walk.
  • Partyhopped for the first time. It was weird.
  • Went to a bar where you could roast s’mores on a personal fire!! Drank a “dirty Girl Scout.” Camp in Brooklyn. Drinks were bad though so I don’t recommend.
  • Braved the cold on Thursday to go to Output in Brooklyn to see Thomas Jack play an 8-hour set. Rest assured, the swigs of vodka o nthe way there in a Poland Spring bottle were enough for Thomas to make it transcendental for us. Ended the night at 5 a.m with a mild case of frostbite and a deflated palm tree inflatable #tropicalhau5
  • Determined I might be suffering from consumption. Have literally only eaten rice since Friday. My fragile gut can’t handle much else. Sold off 25% of my closet just to be able to afford said rice. (I’m broke.)
  • Dedicated my weekend to catching up on sleep. Wondered what happened as I sat down to Parks and Recreation at 2:00 Saturday night.
  • Walked into Koronet’s and proceeded to watch a girl WATCH HERSELF throw up by staring at her reflection in the mirrors!!

Dark city streets via Shutterstock

CU Football Picks Up Penn’s “Retired” Head Coach
Ball is life!!!!


Someone at Columbia pulled some serious strings this offseason, because the Lions officially announced today the acquisition of a new head coach. Al Bagnoli managed the University of Pennsylvania (note: NOT Penn State) football team for 23 years and became one of the winningest coaches in Ivy history. Bagnoli received praise and tribute last season after announcing his retirement. But now he’s returning to the game, not for a historically dominant Penn team but for a Columbia squad with a losing streak old enough to drink. Perhaps our new athletics director’s time at Villanova gave him some Philadelphian clout.

This is good enough news for Bwog to officially break its longstanding promise to stop covering football until something good happened. This is fantastic, but confusing, news for the program. Former head coach Pete Mangurian was notoriously gruff with alumni and the media, and allegations of abusive behind-the-scenes behavior didn’t do him any favors. Hopefully the Lions will be able to turn things around a bit this season, whether that manifests as a win at Baker or a single point scored against Harvard. On joining the Columbia team, Bagnoli explains, “I eagerly await the opportunity to work alongside a talented group of student athletes, a passionate alumni base and a dedicated university administration.”

PSA: Drop Deadline Tomorrow
The snow is the cold death of overscheduling; the sun, the hope of dropping that last class

The snow is the cold death of over-scheduling; the sun, the hope of dropping that last class

Towards the end of the winter, the world looks bleak. The summer sun have been reduced to distant memory, there is no Christmas spirit left to sustain us, and even Valentine’s Day (definitely more of a mixed bag) has passed. In this context, that midterm failed seems an insurmountable obstacle, those essays looming a portent of doom.

Let Bwog offer a last little bit of hope to help bring you to the Spring. Drop that class, and today. For those of us in CC, Barnard, or GS, tomorrow, February 24th is your last opportunity to drop a class within the deadline. No more will one course define your life.

If you are interested in dropping, information is available depending on your school, whether it be CC, GS, or Barnard.

Winter landscape that in no way resembles NYC street sludge, via Shutterstock

CCSC Is Trying To Get Commuter Students Swipe Access
He looks as enthusiastic as you do about this area of policy.

Swipe card access policy…of the future!!!

Commuter student wondering how your interests are represented? Budding pollster just buzzing for the next CU election? Just a good college citizen concerned for their community (enough to procrastinate the lecture your in with CCSC recaps on Bwog)? No matter who you are, we have you covered. Nate Silver’s second speed dial and special correspondent Joe Milholland brings you the latest from CCSC.

On Sunday night, the Columbia College Student Council began discussing a commuter student swipe access proposal and shunted away discussion on elections changes for the time being.

The swipe access proposal concerned specifically how best to allow commuter students in CC and SEAS swipe access to dorms. This proposal lists a number of reasons why commuter students should be given access to dorms, such as the non-residential services of dorms and the lack of evidence they would cause vandalism. The proposal then suggests commuter students should be allowed to swipe in until 2am and be given a commuter student version of the Guide to Living.

As they discussed the proposal, the council members brought up many areas in which the current commuter student policy is inconvenient. VP of Policy Sejal Singh noted there was a mental health open forum in Broadway that would have been very inconvenient for commuter students to attend. VP of Communications Abby Porter noted that classes in Carman have to submit a list of admitted students who can’t swipe into the dorm every week.

More concerns, the final vote, and updates, after the jump.

Bwoglines: Big News, Little News Edition
Old news, new news...

Old news, new news…

TIME, our historical record of the world, reassures us, and future generations, that Emma Watson is not in fact dating Prince Harry. And basic bros the world over let out a sigh of relief.

NY City News, one of the many competing voices of this city, brings word of Proctor & Gamble’s plan to sell or spin off over half of the brands in its portfolio, a dramatic shift in company strategy.

For those of you looking for financial news, look no further! Forbes has the 30 most iconic Oscar dresses of all time for us! meanwhile, has warnings of likely equity volatility in the coming week.

Finally, to wrap up, has an update on the prison riot in Texas that has left portions of the facility in ruins, and the New York Times has your Oscar winners.

Old media presented by new media, via Shutterstock

Bwog Asked: Who Are You Wearing?
Bwog wearing last night's H&M dress

Studying in Butler Cafe like

In honor of spending the next 4 hours in Butler tonight’s Academy Awards / Oscars (which one is it?), we thought it would be fitting to ask people in and around the Butler Library area who they were wearing. From smokers to campers, here are their responses.


  • “Canada Goose. Sorry.” (we forgive you)
  • “Columbia gear.”
  • “Hanes sweats.”
  • *girl outside Butler looking lost & confused* “I’m wearing Ann Taylor Loft socks.”

Butler Café

  • “Bell bottoms and mustard tee from No relation thrift store (the greatest thrift store you will ever go to) on 12th and 1st avenue and a brown suede men’s Levi jacket. This is so awesome. You made my night.”
  • “Forever 21, Gap…Uhh a coat from China, you wouldn’t know the brand.”

The Elevators

  • “Um, no one?”
  • “My ex-boyfriend’s sweatshirt.”
  • “My study clothes.” (what does this even mean?)

Butler 2, 3 & 4

  • “I’m not sure…I guess Gap.”
  • “The student council of my old high school.”
  • “Abercrombie and Fitch.”
  • “The Columbia bookstore.”

The Diana Center

  • “Something I bought four years ago.”
  • “My roommate’s clothes.”
  • “I’m not actually familiar with these questions…”
  • “Salvation Army.”
  • “Democracy Now hoodie.”
  • “You wanna check my tag?”
  • “Gap. Not Kids.”

Wearing Last Night’s H&M Dress via Shutterstock

Finally! Men’s Basketball Sweeps, Returns To .500
CHAIRMAN MAODO! *clap clap clapclapclap*

Columbia athletics has officially accepted “The Chairman” as a nickname for Maodo

For this weekend’s sports wrap-up, rowdy roarer Ross Chapman brings you coverage of the men’s basketball team’s successful weekend!

For the first time all season, the men’s basketball team managed to earn two wins in a single Ivy weekend when they travelled up to Brown and Yale. The high preseason expectations for the Lions make this weekend long overdue, and there’s a lot to like about knocking down Yale from first place to second in the Ivy standings. This was the first road sweep since the 2008 season.

Coming off of a disappointing 0-2 weekend against Harvard and Dartmouth, the Lions were looking for a confidence booster in Providence on Friday. Against an ailing Brown team, Columbia showed absolutely no mercy. It was the Maodo Lo show against the Bears, as he managed 21 points in the first half to secure a 20 point halftime lead. Nobody got hot from behind the arc, but the Lions finished the game shooting 36% for three, which is indicative of better decision making on whether or not to drive to the basket. The combination of Lo and Jeff Coby was able to do just that. Jeff Coby is emerging as a star among the Lions’ three sophomore forwards, becoming more consistent with the three-pointer while maintaining his driving ability.

The second half against Brown was more of the same. Maodo Lo continued to be unstoppable, and he ended up with 35 points, the most by a Lion player in over a decade. His 14 goals from the field (on 20 attempts) broke a court record in Providence. The worst part about the game for the Lions was the lack of effectiveness from Kyle Castlin, who scored just two points. This game was about what many fans expected for the season after Rosenberg’s injury – Maodo Lo would lead the team without a true #2 offensive threat. However, Columbia came back with a more balanced attack the next night at Yale.

Tell us about Yale!

Bwog Meeting Tonight!
On her way to the Bwog meeting tonight

On her way to the Bwog meeting…

She went to a Bwog meeting and then… You’ll never believe what happened next!

Click here to find out!

Bucket List: Media, Pharma, And Tunisia

Bucket List represents the immense academic privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. On Tuesday, we are graced by the presence of Tunisia’s former Prime Minister, His Excellency Mehdi Jomaa. Check out his talk about democracy, and more, on Tuesday. Our other recommendations are below, and the full list can be found after the jump. As always, if we’ve made a mistake or left anything noteworthy off the list, please let us know in the comments. 


  • “Leading Tunisia’s Democracy Start-up.” Tuesday, 11:00 am-12:00 pm, Low Rotunda. His Excellency Mehdi Jomaa, President Bollinger. Registration required.
  • “Speech and Media Freedom: New Lessons of the Umbrella Revolution.” Monday, 12:10-1:10 pm, 107 Jerome Greene. Margaret Ng.
  • “Hijacking Feminist Rhetoric: Latest PR Tactics in the Promotion of ‘Female Sexual Dysfunction.’” Thursday, 5:00-7:00 pm, Faculty House. Leonore Tiefer.
  • “Delacorte Lecture Series.” Thursday, 6:00-7:30 pm, World Room (3rd Floor Journalism). Jake Silverstein (Editor-in-Chief of NYT Magazine). Refreshments provided.

Tunisia’s Prime Minister and more to come

Bwoglines: Unusually Violent Edition
Ok so maybe not this violent..

Ok so maybe not this violent

Columbia’s very own Joann Baney, who serves as a professor in the School of International and Public Affairs teaching peacekeeping skills to cops and firefighters, was charged with assault against her retired NYPD sergeant boyfriend last week. Oh the irony. (NY Daily News)

A dentist in Connecticut has been charged in the death of one of his patients who slipped out of consciousness and died from oxygen deprivation while having 20 (you read that right) teeth pulled. Ouch. (Fox News)

Just yesterday a retired police officer in White Plains, New York shot and killed his two daughters, ages 13 and 17, before committing suicide. (New York Times)

In stereotypical Texas style, 2,000 inmates participated in a riot against their unfortunate holding center, the Willacy County Correctional Center. Tear gas had to be used to subdue the inmates. (Valley Central)

An Actual Texas Riot via Shutterstock