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img December 14, 20087:49 amimg 5 Comments

Entrenched in finals, begging for mercy.  Outside the reading rooms, the real world keeps working.


Starting with the good stuff:  CollegeOTR may have been correct in saying Columbians are “oversexed“:  A Columbia sex ed professor (oh yes, we have those) is worried about the rise of what a popular television show termed “What What in the Butt” among teens.  Yikes.  But another Columbia professor has shown that using protection is actually sexy.  Alice! is pleased, since hookups are totally replacing dates.


The best way to communicate with extremists is to do it in their own language.  And hope that they read what you give them.  Unfortunately, some of them will still hate PrezBo.

The Internet

Columbians in charge of the Pulitzer in journalism have decided that the Internet is real.  And an exciting proposition: the music industry is considering blanket licensing for universities, and Columbia witnessed the presentation.

Thirteen Alert!

Two of the winners of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology have applied early decision to Columbia, but Bwog can’t ascertain whether they got in.  One has a perfect GPA, a perfect SAT score, and seven AP classes under her belt.  Under the gaze of Alma Mater, however, everyone slides down the totem pole a little bit.



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img October 18, 200611:24 amimg 4 Comments

shockedWell, it finally happened: CTV has realized how to attract viewers.  A post on today’s IvyLeak reports that, last night, at 10:45 PM, our traditionally unwatched television network aired a five-minute clip of hardcore anal sex as part of the show Sexiled.  There was heavy breathing, there were hand-held cameras, and, for the first time in the network’s history, Columbia students couldn’t pry themselves away from CTV. 

Meanwhile, now that they have realized that there actually is no censorship at CTV, the creative giants behind The Gates are hard at work revising their scripts.

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img June 01, 200611:47 amimg 2 Comments

Striding across College Walk, Bwog correspondent Gautam Hans sighted the Blood Drive Van and made this keen observation:

“Although the Red Cross and other blood donation agencies are famous for not allowing men who’ve had anal sex with other men to donate (due to FDA regulations), some staff member was either being sly or not thinking when putting a sign on the front of the van reading “PLEASE ENTER THROUGH THE BACK DOOR.” Looks like the van itself is less picky than the organization that runs it.”

Entirely independently, tipster Peter Mende-Siedlecki sent us this news of sexual subliminal messaging. It’s everywhere!

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