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img November 16, 20132:10 pmimg 6 Comments

This week, Bwog took a trip down memory lane in the Rare Books and Manuscript Library. If you haven’t done research there, we recommend it—in their archives are all of the undergraduate yearbooks back to the 1890s. And a lot of other important historical documents, too. After a short process of creating an account in the library system, we were able to look at the yearbooks in the reading room. First up was 1914.

On to 1921. Ah, the roaring twenties. Some gems from this yearbook include impressive drawings of Columbia buildings, some old pictures of frats looking classy, and the revelation that before the Varsity Show was coed, they had to make do with boys in dresses.

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img September 04, 20135:00 pmimg 3 Comments

It’ll basically be like this

Tonight the initiative that brings you tons of free food, live music and other fun events around campus, Live at Lerner, opens its Fall season with a screening of Pitch Perfect tonight at 8 pm on Ancel Plaza. For those of you who aren’t hip with the a capella kids, Pitch Perfect stars one of Columbia’s own, Ben Platt (formerly CC ’16, now GS) and follows a fictional all-female college a capella group as they face off against their a rival all-male group, because boys vs. girls never gets old. Unfortunately, there won’t be any free food (boooo!) but Live at Lerner will be back to their usual shenanigans in the Lerner piano lounge next week with free lunch and live music.

For more info on tonight’s screening, take a look at the Facebook event page.

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img February 02, 20122:00 pmimg 2 Comments

As most celebrities can tell you, being famous isn’t so easy. Pesky laypeople are trying to snap pictures of you left and right, corporations keep begging you to make awkward endorsements, and rehab is expensive. Combine that with the unending deluge of interview requests, and soon your superhumanly perfect face will be covered in wrinkles from the stress. To cope, one of our local booksellers has a somewhat gruesome message for the paparazzi. We suggest giving him a little space…


Is this what happened to the last guy who asked him for an interview?



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img March 10, 201110:00 amimg 0 Comments

Bwoglines, by any other name, would totally look less sweet.

Roses are red,
Brown must be blue,
Since Emma Watson is leaving
We would be too. (EmmaWatson.com)

There is nothing quite as annoying—
With our hearts cab drivers start toying,
“Where do you want to go?
Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn? Ha, no!”
Caught on tape, the act’s self-destroying. (NYT CityRoom)

Speculation ensues;
New, very low number (22).
One theory asks of homicide,
Whether it’s the weather. (WSJ)

Hawkma can relate:
Large animal bones inside?
A bird’s got to eat. (NYPost)

A couplet re: couples—our painting’s twin,
Dwight D. times two wears CU robes within. (HTR News)

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.



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img February 28, 20104:13 pmimg 18 Comments

Every year, STA hosts the World Traveler Internship, a program in which one male and one female student, handpicked from a pool of thousands, embark on an epic trip around the world and blog about it. The itinerary allows for a visit to every continent except Antarctica and places special emphasis on adventure, sightseeing, and volunteer work. This year, Columbia has not one, not two, not three, but four students applying for the prestigious internship – conveniently enough, one male and one female! You can watch the videos and check out the STA profiles of Zak Dychtwald, CC ’12; Amy Stringer, BC ’13; Spencer Oberman, CC ’12; and Reni Calister, BC ’11 herehere, here, and here (respectively). Don’t forget to cast your votes!

Incidentally, this is not the first time Columbia has been represented in the STA program; Pat Blute, CC ’12, was a summer 2008 World Traveler Intern.



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img October 19, 20091:33 pmimg 48 Comments

And now for something that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day: three Columbia seniors pay a musical tribute to the Balloon Boy saga:

It may not be the best in autotuning or dancing, but dammit, the chorus is catchy enough to be third on NYMag’s Top Five Balloon Boy Tribute Songs

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