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Earlier today, a few dozen students and a handful of reporters gathered in front of EC to rally for Iranian human rights. The event’s organizers, Jake Snider, David Fine, Eric Shapiro, CC’13, and Sam Schube, CC’12, originally intended to protest the CIRCA-Ahmadinejad dinner. But yesterday, CIRCA president, Rhonda Shafei, confirmed that CIRCA would no longer dine with the Iranian leader and had given the tickets away. Spec reported earlier today that the Iranian mission to the UN rescinded the invitation.”While undergraduate students’ plans to dine with Ahmadinejad have reportedly been cancelled, the serial abuse of human rights in Iran shows no sign of stopping,” reads the updated version of the Facebook page for the rally.

Organizers hung a few signs and set up a microphone as Bwog chatted with some folks from Glenn Beck TV. The other day, Beck declared on his TV show, “I find Columbia University to be one of the most arrogant places I’ve ever set foot on. And I don’t do that often unless I’m wearing a disguise.” Burn. In this clip from Glenn Beck’s show (skip to 3:25), audience member in her first year at Columbia, defends her decision to sign up for the dinner: “Who else can say they’ve met this dictator?” Beck takes off his jacket, and explains (in a surprisingly level-headed way, at least compared to his past Columbia-related outbursts) how talking with Ahmadinejad “gives him power” and “legitimizes evil.” It seems the dinner has stirred students across political lines. While the traditionally conservative news outlets covering the rally (Glenn Beck TV, NY Post, Fox News) seemed to support the protesters’ intentions, many students attending the event identify as liberal.

Sam Schube was first to take the mic. “We’re here because we hold the modest, but at the same time really grand hope that we might use our voices to draw attention to those who are silenced, and those who refuse to remain silent in the face to unimaginable hardship,” he announced. Jake Snider introduced featured speaker Shirin Nariman, an Iranian human rights activist and former political prisoner. “To those CIRCA students and others who associate themselves with Ahmadinejad,” she stressed, “your presence represents the principles you believe.” (more…)



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img April 10, 201111:30 amimg 10 Comments

Our very own “Colombia University,” President Obama’s alma mater, seems to play a fascinating role in determining his real birth place.



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Bwog is a bully-free zone.

Columbia history Ph.D. student Megan Doherty strikes back at Glenn Beck. (HuffPo)

Taiwanese CGI animates those creepy bed bugs that have been taking over our lives! (Gothamist)

Riding the subway can often be a trial. Subway door-standers don’t make things any better. (City Room)

Maryland company rents drug-sniffing dogs to paranoid parents. (Gawker)

This year’s election ads target New York. (NYT)

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Normally when someone passes out on Glenn Beck’s show, it’s just some kicky metaphoric role-play commenting on the day’s news. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case yesterday, when Teachers College professor David Buckner fainted on air while discussing the economy on Beck’s Fox News show.

In the middle of recounting America’s economic “path to destruction,” Buckner began swaying, then staggering out of frame. His first warning of “I’m passing out,” delivered in a polite whisper, couldn’t distract Beck from his lecture on our grim, grim future, so Buckner was forced to casually introduce it as a topic of conversation. Beck tried to catch his fall when he went down a minute later. Despite the fact that there are a ton of people on any given television set, Beck had to ask, “Somebody help him, please?” pretty plaintively before anyone with a headset would hesitantly approach.

Beck came back on after a commercial break and explained that Buckner had been feeling lightheaded earlier that morning, but was awake and alert backstage. Beck has a reputation for, shall we say, tending towards intensity, but he doesn’t seem to be the cause of this particular mini-tempest. Bwog wishes a speedy recovery to Professor Buckner, and recommends that everybody try to spend at least one hour a day not thinking about the recession.

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