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img March 31, 201212:04 pmimg 1 Comments

If you’re wondering why you woke up today to Beyonce and LMFAO, it’s ’cause CCO was getting ready to fix New York City. They’re at it now!

Even rain cannot dampen the powerful thumping of Nicki Minaj



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img April 08, 20107:35 pmimg 37 Comments

There is a very loud and very exciting sorority initiation going on on Low Plaza right now, next to the east fountain. Lots of singing and dancing and chanting. It’s for ΣΛΓ. It’s the most fun sorority initiation Bwog’s ever been to!

Update, 8:45: It was the Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority. That’s ΣΛΓ. Sorry our Greek lettering took a while!

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img February 06, 20108:10 pmimg 2 Comments

Bwog’s Dane Cook reports slightly deafened yet enlightened from Miller Theater.

A tidal wave of sound hit Miller Theater last night during Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music—an orchestral rendition of Reed’s 1975 avant-garde album of the same name. The original album consists entirely of electric guitar feedback played at varying speeds, and the purpose of last night’s performance was to capture the same electronically distorted heavy-metal sound using an entirely acoustic ensemble. Far from your average orchestra concert, the performance was an intense, high-volume, sustained auditory drone that perfectly reflected how music of its kind came to be appropriately titled “noise music.”

Originally, Reed composed the piece by leaning two electric guitars up against large amplifiers positioned opposite one another. By tuning the guitars in unusual ways and manipulating their reverb levels, he was able to vibrate their strings using only feedback. Innovative, certainly, but the album was not well received by music critics at the time. Rolling Stone Magazine described the piece as sounding like “the tubular groaning of a galactic refrigerator” – which, I must say, is not far off the mark. (more…)



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img January 10, 200712:21 pmimg 14 Comments

…are set up in the Wien lounge right now.


Presumably, they’ll be sold like last year—meanwhile, get used to the discordant sounds of tuning as your move-in soundtrack.

Also, Gawker has an idea for our out-of-work opinion editor.

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