Late Night Bwog is back for finals and listens in on one bwogger’s apartment building.

A siren increases in volume then decreases and fades into the night.

The hum of my roommate’s fan buzzes on, like a gnat.

The louder hum of my roommate’s larger fan also buzzes on, slower and more calming than the smaller fan.

Small fans are too chaotic.

Footsteps, I hear footsteps, coming from the ceiling. Thud-thud-thud to the left, take it back now y’all.

I flutter my eyes.

A male voice from the other side of the building booms “WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?”

I wonder who dude is, then spend the next five seconds berating myself on why I care.

Two floors down, three apartments over (you simple bitch), a couple is yelling at each other for the third time this week. I think they’re getting a divorce.

Another siren, this time fading from the start.

Silence. I’m asleep.