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img October 27, 20097:09 amimg 4 Comments

gracelandAndrew Cuomo v.  the President of 9/11 (NY Post).

The University Senate gets meta (Spec).  

There’s something in the water at Harvard (Gawker). 

The Office of Multicultural Affairs: Where Everyone Knows Your Name  (Spec).

Rachel Ray saves the world with whole-wheat flatbread and free-range chicken (CityRoom).

Hipsters worry that Williamsburg = Belfast circa 1970 (NY Daily News).



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img September 23, 20091:51 pmimg 0 Comments

Tonight  at 6pm the Office of Multicultural Affairs hosts its fall Open House event, scheduled to include food, music, and giveaways. Bwog won’t speculate as to what these multicultural giveaways might be, but there will certainly be food around starting at 6pm in the Intercultural Resource Center (located at 552 114th between Broadway and Amsterdam).

Never heard of it? Bwog advises you figure out which frat house this is tonight. Think about it; the food appears at 6 and the scheduled events start at 7. That means the tray passes for an hour, which suggests the presence of a LOT of food. 



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img November 01, 20086:11 amimg 1 Comments

Halloween was not the only celebration that got off to a premature start Thursday night.  Two nights ago, about forty students gathered in the John Jay Lounge to celebrate the start of Native American Heritage Month.

Although a diverse mix of Native American, white, black and Latino students made up the audience, an interest in the traditional and contemporary Native American culture characterized all in attendance.  But as NAHM chair, Maxine Paul, CC ’09, was quick to mention, an interest in Native American culture is entirely different than actually understanding the Native American experience.  Last night’s events aimed not just to commemorate the trials, travails, and triumphs of American Indians, but also to educate the audience on contemporary Native American customs and the tension between cultural assimilation and cultural autonomy.




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img October 22, 20089:25 amimg 8 Comments

mango lassiNow that midterms are over (for some of us!), penny-savers should be quick to hit up two wonderfully delicious free food events today, which include a joint birthday party for the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Intercultural Resource Center and a Teahouse with the Asian American Alliance featuring musical guest Alice Hu (and samosas, mango lassi, and tea).

OMA/IRC Anniversary Celebration

5:30pm – 8:30pm (brief program at 6:15pm)

Intercultural Resource Center

552 West 114th Street

AAA Teahouse


Lerner 555




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img June 30, 20089:22 amimg 32 Comments

An anonymous Bwog tipster has forwarded us the following farewell email, which details the departure of Dr. Ajay Nair (right), Associate Dean of Student Affairs/Office of Multicultural Affairs. Dr. Nair will be returning to UPenn (where he was Director of the Pan-Asian American Community House) to serve as Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs. 

So say hello to new (but interim) Associate Dean of Student Affairs for the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Melinda Aquino. (That’s her on the left.) You might remember Aquino from her position as Senior Assistant Dean of Multicultural Affairs. According to the OMA website, Aquino has previously worked at the University of Florida, the University of Miami, and Washington Sq.-based archenemy NYU. Also, “her current work examines cultural hybrity and ‘techo-Orientalism’ in cyborg science fiction literature and films.”

Email after the jump.




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img August 26, 20065:29 pmimg 11 Comments

Along with freshmen, in September Columbia will welcome its newest flight of replacement administrators, stepping into posts vacated at Teachers College, the Medical Center, and JTS. Most recently, Dean of Student Affairs Chris Colombo announced that the University had lured Dr. Ajay Nair from Penn to head up the Office of Multicultural Affairs, one of the hottest seats in the Columbian pantheon.

Currently working on a book about “the potential of hip-hop for crafting solidarities between racial/ethnic groups in America,” Ajay sounds like a pretty cool guy. Let’s just hope he lasts longer than his predecessor.

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