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Which Columbia dorm is most conducive to sex dungeons? Discuss.

Although nobody seems to know what it’s called, that mysterious lawn in front of Kent is apparently the location for a new kind of romance:

“Do you know how lucky you are to be with me? Do you know how far out of your league I am? Ivy-educated, multilingual, generous, kind, crazy, fun-loving kind of guy, and willing to tie you up?!”

Other tidbits from couples making out on those weird island lawns on college walk or behind you in Butler should be tipped immediately.

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This type of vibrating PDA is, however, more than welcome.

Dear Bwog returns once again to help you solve your collegiate quandaries. We’ve taken on the Hellevator, and the delirious cram sesh. Below, Bubbe Bwog answers another pressing question: Are you just sleepy and bitter, or is there a line one (two) can cross as a Butler couple? And yes, these are real emails tipped to Bwog. Share your own snafus with tips@bwog.com, and we’ll offer some humble weblog wisdom.

Dear Bwog,

I just wanted to notify you, and everyone else, that there is a heinously o-so-in-love couple in the Butler lounge near the Café entrance (freshman, no doubt) who have been making out, groping, and dry humping on our precious arm chairs for a good three hours now. I would have photographed these gems, but why would I want to make everyone vomit, as I have just done? Keep an eye out for a girl in a black t-shirt and jeans and boy with a tight jew fro.


Anti-Chunder Patrol

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Go on a Benjamin-Button-style trip through relationships, from lifelong soulmates to first loves. (Slate)

Still looking for love on Valentine’s Day? Definitely check out Bwog personals! And if you’re willing to venture beyond Morningside Heights for romance, take a look at this breakdown of NYC’s love life by zip code. (NY Mag)

Fed up with Valentine’s Day and looking to commiserate (anonymously, on the internet)? Here’s a handful of Valentine’s Days gone wrong. (City Room)

Nancy Rosin takes Valentine’s Day seriously. So seriously that she collects Valentines written for other people. That’s right, she has over 10,000, and some of them date back more than 300 years. (ABC)

The Google Doodle is really cute today.

And don’t forget, if you’re still scrambling to find something for that special someone, there are plenty of last minute gifts within a few blocks of your dorm!



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You’ll never know who she is, but you’ll read her anyway. Send questions, propositions, and fan mail to bwogsex@gmail.com. Welcome to the Belle Jar.

sefI dedicate this Valentines Day to Lisa Nowak.  Some people can go the distance for love.

Walking across campus last night, I counted eight guys and girls carrying flowers to their objects of love, regard, and obsession. Beneath scarves and ski masks, their eyes spoke volumes:  “I’ve got someone, I’m going to see them, O’Keefe this motherfuckah.” The clock struck twelve, and it was Valentines Day. It was sweet.

Well, at least until I remembered that these people were probably in relationships.  Close friends and anonymous hookups rarely buy each other flowers. Flowers are a big symbol.  They’re innocence; they’re passion; they’re female genitals. That kind of baggage is awkward in a friendship.  But LOVE, love knows no bounds, and that’s basically the problem.  If relationships and the people in them could restrain themselves, today and every other day would be a lot easier.  Consider the following a guide to being the two-wheeler that makes other people want to be your third.

The Face-Munchers:

Public displays of affection are endearing on a distant, detached, entirely impersonal level.  You laugh when dogs sniff each others’ behinds, and maybe, on a nice spring day, you smile at a kissing couple.  (Unless they’re both hideous.)  But there are those who overstep these bounds, plunging you and your vision into a state of great turmoil. Perhaps, like Oedipus, you too reach for the dress pins.   I like to go up to these people and gently ask them to part–leave room for Jesus.  (more…)

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