There Are Voices In My Laptop, and Other Tales From The Vending Frontier

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– After placing an order on Campusfood, a voice started talking and thanking me. The speaker was female, and sounded terrifyingly like Skynet. Combine that with killer-omniscient washing machines, and giving life to an online entity named “the Bwog” seems a little reckless.

– Why don’t vending machines — EXCEPT for the soda machine next to Tasti-D-Lite — take Flex anymore? WTF? Is this a wack-ass ploy by CU Snacks to get our credit card numbers?

– What ever happened to the toiletry vending machines in EC and the LLC? Today, Bwog wanted an old school shave, but couldn’t, and was forced to take the dulled three-blade route.

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  1. psst

    you're adding an extra slash before your links.

  2. B

    I like how 600 W. 113th is so in lala land that we don't even get our laundry machines on that site.

  3. highGPA

    or is it a ploy by the bwog to provide free advertising for CUsnacks and Campusfood?

  4. beth

    We totally demanded sexual favors and free twinkies in return.

  5. c. szabla

    Come over to Broadway...vending machine flextopia.

  6. ramona punjab

    once I hid in philippa's closet and when she came into her room, I whispered her name to get her attention. She thought it was her computer talking, but it was really just me.

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