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In the beginning there was Tenka, the no-fee app that lets students use social media to redeem first come, first served coupons at local eateries. Oh, and how could we forget the ultra-hip CampusFood? Thanks to the latter, we’ve been holed up in our rooms since last September with a continuous stream of flex-funded Kitchenette […]

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CampusFood, in an apparent effort to get hip with the kids, sent out a ridiculous 4/20 email. It’s 4/20. Do you know where your munchies are? To make sure you’re fully supplied tonight, we’re dealing out a $4.20 coupon starting at 4:20pm EST. Enter coupon code at check out: PSAFOUR20 Come on. Drugs are bad, […]

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Demi Free Food is offering 50% off (up to $15) your next three purchases when you enter the coupon code “EAT50” at checkout. The deal lasts until March 31st, so order up now. Melodic allusion via Wikimedia.

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Another member of campus staff has generously given Bwog their time. Sarah Camiscoli sat down with Kia of Café 212 to give students another perspective on their daily coffee and baked delights. Bwog: What are the strangest things students are swiping for? Kia: “An apple turnover with cream cheese. Some lady comes and gets it […]

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In the latest edition of Bwog’s profiles of the friendly faces around campus, Claire Sabel, Guide to the Weekend Editor and Stuffed Sandwich enthusiast, journeys into the bowels of Avery to chat with Steve of Brownie’s Cafe For a break from the standard Butler fare, many students venture underground to Brownie’s, the cafe below Avery […]

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Bwog’s resident food critic Kate Abrams took one for the team and ventured out to review the newly opened Brad Café at the Journalism School. When I heard the people behind Campo were running the new Journalism School café, I had hope. After all these years of burying myself in the depths of Avery—as both […]

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This morning, Bwog woke up hungry and hankering for something not sweet, but savory.  Fortunately, Saturday Brunch will never be Sunday Brunch and Bwog wanted lunch.  And so on this dark Saturday, Bwog strode down Broadway past the parfaits and waffles of Community and Le Monde in search of vittles of a more proteinaceous variety.  […]

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It’s a phenomenon almost as annoying as having to re-enter your SSOL password when you leave it alone for more than 3 minutes: rising prices at campus eateries. So far, Bwog tipsters and staff have seen price hikes at many campus eateries. Offenders include Ferris Booth, which, in addition to replacing the popular stir fry […]

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Throughout last night’s CCSC meeting, scavenged foods drove members to use their appetite as a running motif.  Satow Room Bureau Chief Martha Turewicz was there, although not feasting.   There was some in the back of the room left over from the last meeting of the ’08 class council: chicken, biscuits, potatoes and gravy. Before […]

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After cracking the mystery of the missing spicy chicken, Bwog freelancer Joe Meyers delves further into the underbelly of on-campus dining locations. In food news, it turns out that loading your John Jay cafeteria tray with a sampling of every available entrée isn’t just bad for your cholesterol; it’s bad for your soul. That’s right; […]

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– After placing an order on Campusfood, a voice started talking and thanking me. The speaker was female, and sounded terrifyingly like Skynet. Combine that with killer-omniscient washing machines, and giving life to an online entity named “the Bwog” seems a little reckless. – Why don’t vending machines — EXCEPT for the soda machine next […]

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