Attention all Celebrity Stalkers! And Lovers of Magical Musical Journeys!

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Movie filming at Columbia! No, the Olsen twins aren’t making their glorious return—yet—but Columbia may catch glimpses this Wednesday of Robin Williams, that Felicity girl, hottie Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and that cute kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory filming August Rush.

The movie poses that most important of questions: if you were separated from your parents at birth, what would you do to get them back? Sing and dance, of course, silly goose! According to killermovies.com, the film follows August Rush, a young musical prodigy performing on the streets of New York trying to find his long-lost parents. Yes, it is a musical/fantasy/romance. And no we don’t make this stuff up.

The Mayor’s Office of Film and Broadcasting has closed 114th Street for all of this Wednesday.

Thanks to Arnold Park for the tip.

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