The Bwog Looks Back… To Saturday

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Jeff Sachs, with you and me together, why, we could end world poverty by Christmas!

More party photos after the jump.

Mona: Where Valentine’s Day comes to die. True story.

Incoming B&W Editor-in-Chief Avi gazes adoringly at lost twin, Gawker editor Jesse.

We weren’t drunk. The bar was just blurry.

Editor-in-Chief Zach’s chest hair does best Tom Selleck impersonation.
Publisher Hector does best to ignore.


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  1. sam

    pshhh the spectator's pictures from their party have bitches with their titties out. down with bwog up with splog!

  2. umm

    can I just politely ask if the Spec/B+W simultaneous party was a coincidence or not?

  3. Bwog

    coincidence. we just wanted to have a party, not do an amateur rendition of Westside Story. but it worked out, harmony reigns in the world of campus publications.

  4. still

    good thing drinking was involved

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