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Word has it that it costs the university 15 cents in used energy every time you press the handicapped button to open the doors into John Jay or Butler.

Tuition for a full year is about $40,000, which equals 266,666 door openings.

If you figure that it takes the door 5 seconds to open and close, it would take you 370.37 hours to use up all of that money, or about 46 days of pressing the button constantly from 9AM to 5PM.

This wouldn’t get your money back, though. You can only do that by
1. Stealing toilet paper.
2. Telling the clerk at Ferris it’s regular cream cheese when it’s
really the expensive kind.

Lydia Depillis & Beth Milton

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  1. You can't spell GEEK without EE  

    It can't take more than a horsepower to open and close the handicapped door. That's less than 1kW. Say the door takes 15 seconds to open and another 15 seconds to close (it doesn't, it takes a lot less than that). That's less than 1/100 of an hour. So it takes less than 0.01 kWh of energy to open and close the door, or about 0.001 dollars (columbia busy electricity from Con Edison in bulk, it can't cost them more than 10c/kWh. You will need 40 million cycles to get even, which, at 1/100th of an hour per cycle, would take 45 years.

    Not a good way to get even.

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