Oh, how the Bwog loves drama. And trivia. Even better: trivial drama. So in the name of saving you from having to read this is the morning, the Bwog is happy to present interesting facts gleamed from Washington Post’s and the New York Times’ coverage:

You know Larry Summers is out, but did you know Derek Bok is in, at least for the interim? Lee C. shouldn’t worry too much, though; while Bok was Harvard’s president 1971-1991, he’s already 75 and probably not up for too long a term.

While Bok had a reputation for driving himself around in a Volkswagen bus, Summers had a repution for being driven around a black limousine with the license plate 1636 (the year of Harvard’s founding, natch). Not hard to understand when you consider his base salary was $563,000 for the 2004-5 academic year, minus perks.

Undergrads aren’t so against the guy– only 19% want him out– and reportedly get all hot and bothered by Larry’s surprise appearances at dances and study breaks (Lee C., take note). Maybe what he was most beloved for, though, was marching around campus autographing dollar bills that bore his signature as Treasury Secretary for students. That, Bwog readers, is the type of egomaniacal service Columbia is missing.