Breaking News: Natalie Portman at Columbia

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Natalie Portman decided to show up to Bwog’s Terrorism and Counterterrorism class. If you’re in Hamilton, you might be able to catch her as she leaves. The action is on the 7th floor.

Update: It turns out that Ms. Portman’s cameo in Professor Stuart Gottlieb’s Terrorism and Counterterrorism class was part of a MTV-U promotion for her latest flick, V for Vendetta, in which her character mounts a revolutionary campaign against a totalitarian government and generally blows shit up.

A sampling of the truths Ms. Portman imparted in the 20-minute Q&A session following a somber Frontline documentary on Al Qaeda, Guantanamo and the CIA’s counterterrorism tactics:

– “My immediate reaction is that torture is wrong.”

– “I don’t think it’s right to take down the Twin Towers.”

– “Censorship is bad.”

In other news, the Bwog suspects Ms. Portman and Prezbo share the same hair stylist. Her hair. never. moved.

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  1. Anonymous

    She doesn't leave me much hair to steal.

  2. Anonymous

    no, but she is totally HOTT. nice camera phone pic, those things really do come in handy.

  3. it looks like

    she's lecturing?!

    is she a counter-terrorist? watch out, jack bauer.

  4. Anonymous

    she also said when she was at Harvard she always wore PJs to class and that we should congratulate ourselves for looking pretty in front of the camera.

  5. WTF

    She looks slightly frumpy.

  6. Ben "That's the Back of my Head" Mills

    Hey, that's the back of my head! I'm glad I wore a nice shirt today, though I regret not combing my hair.

    Also, she didn't lecture, so much as answer questions about her new movie. She was a lot more erudite than the above throw-away quotes indicate, especially the "censorship is bad" one, which came at the end of a well-informed comment that those nations with strict political controls are producing very good movies about the human condition, since they can not comment on current events.

    I can't say I'm surprised that the B&W would be so smug in summarizing a speach on Chinese and Iranian film making by lifting one phrase out of context. Anything to make someone famous seem stupid, I suppose.

  7. a

    it sounds like her and prezbo had the same speechwriter, too.

  8. Galileo

    The B&W...smug? Never.

  9. Copernicus

    and glib? Heavens no.

  10. Anonymous

    But taking stuff way out of context is fun! Just ask Horowitz.

  11. Anonymous

    well if you're that sure...

  12. Anonymous

    I want that hairdresser.

  13. Larry

    Gee.. I wish someone asked her about her starrnig role in "FREE ZONE" by Amos Gitai, which was filmed in Jordan and Israel and star her, an Israeli and a Palestinian actress. In it, instead of blowing stuff up, she sort of become a "bomber" and pours fuel on the conflict. But that's show biz

  14. Tremonius

    Once there was a time of despair in satiric circles. It was 1965. "We have a president wearing red/white/blue cowboy boots. What can you do with that?"

    Somehow it's always easier and safer to make fun of women celebrities. Paris Hilton, that Simpson lady, Anna Nicole. I think all satirists should apply the dubyah dialectic: is this really dumber than any daily quote from the Crawford Cretin? Besides, if Anna Nicole really isn't very bright, how does that hurt us?

  15. Conrad Breem

    how'd a little guy like you get such wide exposure?

  16. Marie

    Someone should've asked Ms Hershlag how she got out of her required military service in Israel.

  17. Mizzy

    you're an idiot, she didn't have to serve in the Israeli army because she left country when she was 3 years old. the only time she identifies with the Israelis is when she is trying to appear different than the other overpaid startlets in hollywood

  18. Doodle

    Oh come on! This is Natalie "I'm not black, but I know what it feels like!" Portman, who name drops her bff Dershowitz every time she does an interview. I think people are entitled to make fun of her without being accused of smugness by fanboys with a White Knight complex.

  19. The White Knight

    I dont know anything about her being "not black," nor Dershowitz, about whom she said nothing during her 20 minutes in the classroom.

    But clearly, doodle, your dislike of Natalie Portman gives everyone a lisence to mock her at every turn without being unfairly labeled as smug. What was I thinking?

  20. PONY

    Wow, the disease is everywhere today. What does Ms. Portman know of the scientific method?

  21. wow! Is this newsworthy??

    Who cares about some second-rate actress giving a Q&A?

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