Celebrities have Magical, Musical Powers! Steal Locks of their Hair!

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Update: Unexciting pictures after the jump.

Film trucks for August Rush have returned to campus. As Bwog reported the other week, the film stars Robin Williams, that Felicity girl , hottie Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and that cute kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We’ve learned that the film is a musical-fantasy-romance (everyone’s favorite!) that involves a musical prodigy performing on the streets of New York trying to find his long lost parents. Sounds like some lefty Hollywood propaganda to us—promoting homosexuality and vegetarianism, no doubt.

Bwog is working tirelessly to arrange an awkward reunion between Williams and his Jack co-star and Columbia junior Mario Yedidia, the shaggy poet featured as a campus character in the February edition of the Blue and White.

At least some of the filming will be happening on the fifth floor of Lerner.

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  1. will someoone please

    explain this thing's headline?

  2. Bwog

    It was a tad early for Bwog. But we just changed the header to make it less unsettling...and more comprehensible. We'll avoid references to leg hair in the future, unless it's absolutely pertinent. Sometimes, we're a tad moody. Especially when we're feeling insecure about how our leg hair just isn't silky smooth enough.

  3. this comment

    must be taylor.

  4. my cousin

    is an extra. He's supposed to be a julliard student. None of the extras have any idea who the lead actors in the movie are. I think I caused a bit of an uproar...oops.

  5. IMD

    There are signs that say "HOLDING PEN" all over Lerner. It's very Guantanamo.

  6. becky

    holy crap I saw that happening outside my window this morning. case closed.

  7. taylor

    don't be ridiculous. avi's left his mark all over that one.

  8. actually

    avi has no hair on his lower body. it's all traveled north for the winter.

  9. alison

    i too saw that outside my window this morning. in fact, becky and i watched it together from our respective windows. (see above post from "becky")

  10. no one

    knows more about all the names on the trailor doors?

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