This is why we wash our sheets at least once a semester.

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The Bwog never knew that bedbug infestations were treated so seriously. One student’s description, though,

“It was horrible,” Bettelheim said. “They would bite me and then I would get huge rashes. It looked like a miniature tumor. I still have scars on my stomach.”

makes us think the John Jay kids should get a container of kerosene and some matches, not $25 for laundry.

Gothamist is on the story, too.

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  1. shira

    I think it would be appropriate for them to hook me up with housing for next year... god, this is horrible.

  2. Anonymous

    um, how will I know if I have bedbugs? I've been kinda itchy lately, but I haven't actually seen tiny critters all over the place...

  3. little red bites

    all over your body. bed bugs are FIERCE.

  4. Shit.

    that sounds familiar...

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