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If you haven’t been hanging around freshman dorms lately, you’ve missed out on the many pleas for ’09 pairs to fill out EC exclusion suites. Bwog wonders how these living situations work out–can you figure out via e-mail whether someone has an incurable habit that drives you nuts? Are juniors so isolated that they really don’t know any first-years to invite personally? Are first-years so desperate to avoid McBain that they would shack up for a year with random upperclassmen? So begins the Housing Lottery 2006…look out for up-to-the-minute coverage from your favorite campus gossip page.

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  1. MAT

    Well SOME first-years get awesome upperclassmen suitemates and don't have to worry about such things.

  2. shira

    saddest thing was the upperclassmen actually going door-to-door in john jay searching for suitemates...

  3. Publius

    Free tip for all of you prospective EC-dwellers. Don't pick the 18th or 20th floors. They stick all of the dilapidated furniture up there, and the rooms are actually slightly smaller than in the rest of EC. Not to mention the noisy roof machinery. You're much better off on a lower floor.

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