The Chronicle of Higher Education has a long article about Harvard’s Larry Summers. We don’t care.

The article also has a list of 6 possible sucessors. That we care about.

No. 2? Lee C. Bollinger

President of Columbia University since 2002

Mr. Bollinger, 59, a former dean of the University of Michigan Law School, was a finalist for the Harvard job when Mr. Summers got it. While he was considered by some at the time to be the leading candidate, it was speculated that his lack of Harvard credentials may have weighed against him. Another big question is whether Harvard would poach a president from a fellow Ivy League institution. Mr. Bollinger has had a tough year, negotiating a dispute that arose over allegations that professors in Columbia’s Middle Eastern-studies department had intimidated pro-Israel, Jewish students.

How come it’s never a lack of Columbia credentials that makes the difference? Oh. Right. Not Harvard.