Scarlett Johansson is on Campus

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UPDATE 3:12 pm: More pictures after the jump.

This ain’t just no two-bit background filming—the production crew of The Nanny Diaries is pulling out the big guns for all us College Walker-stalkers. Johansson can be seen filming a scene with an as-of-yet unidentified male (possibly co-star Chris Evans, of The Fantastic Four fame) near the west fountain on Low Plaza RIGHT NOW.

The whole production area is roped off, and imposing looking members of the film’s security team are very rudely keeping onlookers from getting too close to the action. Bwog was yelled at by said men, who even went so far as to scream at us in a threatening voice and call us “dude.” Even the campus security that is patrolling the area is not sympathetic to the plight of the camera-wielding student journalist. Before we were pressured into leaving, however, Bwog managed to snap a few money-shots. Anything for our loyal readers.

If the editors of any celebrity-based publication are interested in acquiring said photos (ka-ching!), we kindly ask that you email [email protected].

BONUS: Overheard on the set: “She looks pregnant.” Bwog refuses to comment.

scarlet 2

OMG. Chucks. What a hip nanny. LOL.

Our two heroes.

Notice how our two heroes don’t actually deign to sit on the fountain but instead on duct taped cushions.

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  1. wow  

    Bwog needs its own version of Gawker Stalker. Then again, this has just been a particularly good week. Not just celebrities...HOT celebrities. And Im including Philip Roth in that category.

  2. amazing  

    Can someone explain to me what the Nanny Diaries have to do with Columbia? Doesn't the protagonist go to....NYU?

  3. overheardonlowsteps  

    overheard by the filming of the Nanny Diaries: "What is this, Spider-Man 8 !?!? "

  4. ya,  

    Scarlett Johansson gave me a hand job!

  5. umm  

    she looks terrible in the pictures...

  6. are you kidding?  

    how does she look terrible? theyre grainy digi cam shots from a distance and theyre candid. Give the girl a break.

  7. affirmation, i think  

    I'm pretty sure that is Chris Evans, actually.

  8. dean of studies  

    grr, they totally stole one of our course bulletins for this

  9. too bad  

    too bad this filming didn't have the food table set up. I liked how whatever the last thing that was getting filmed had set up a food table with the crew and students just kept taking it. they kept making futile efforts (a "for crew only" sign... that'll work) but people kept eating it. not quite as funny as the cushions though.

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