This Is Why We Have Tunnels

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Jacob Weaver writes in to say:

There’s a sign posted at the top of the stairs leading from Low Plaza up to Dodge that says anyone who happens to walk by during filming of the Nanny Diaries today is giving informed consent to being a potentially recognizable extra in the movie. It says that if you don’t want to be in the movie, you better stay away, and “your presence is your consent.” Because, you know, you can easily avoid College Walk and Low Plaza when you’re on your way to class.

Of course, some of our more nefarious students might try to use this as an opportunity to make it onto the big screen. For shame.

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  1. a paparazza  

    I saw Scarlett Johansson!

    My! she is gorgeous.

  2. ahhhh  

    what?? where is she??? what is she wearing?

  3. :)  

    She looks better as a blond. But she's still beautiful.

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