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As most Columbia students struggle to remember which shirt they wore to 1020 last Saturday night so that they’ll know not to wear it this Thursday, first-year Bee Shaffer, scion of legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour, has her sights set on something higher: the Met’s swanky Costume Institute Ball. And another thing, dearer to Bwog’s heart: a career in journalism?

In the Telegraph, she polls various fashion insiders (read: mom’s mah-jongg buddies) about how to prepare for any glitzy event that requires any sort of bodily movement beyond minimal breathing.

All well and good for a certain crowd. But as for Bwog, we’re hoping she’ll settle once and for all the Great New Balance vs. Converse Debate. What say you, Miss Shaffer?

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  1. hmm  

    I will NEVER understand this shit.

    • yup  

      I don't get it either.

      I also don't get how the class of 2009 is full of such superstars. that other girl just became "miss black new york"...and the rest of them are pretty amazing too. my class sucks ass.

  2. zhb  

    Her posture is unacceptable.

  3. jealous?

    that none of you guys gets a monthly column in a major publication?

    get over it.

  4. you mean

    you're smarter than her? ah.

  5. uh  

    Yeah...you're just jealous. That is the most idiotic logic: "it takes a certain amount of vapidity to write a fashion column."

    • hmm  

      Your logic isn't the most sound either. Finding fashion silly doesn't automatically make you jealous of it. Your logic makes sense if you're Bee and need an excuse to shrug off the "haters" though.

  6. buzz

    is her name really bee?

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