Civilization comes to Mathematics Lawn

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Thank God for the Philolexian Society, purveyor of pretension and producer of a nifty new little publication called Surgam, for lifting this den of philistines into the light of high-minded pursuits! A goodly group of young ladies and gents stepped out in their best Victorian finery to take the air this afternoon while engaging in a game of croquet, which Wikipedia tells us was an Olympic sport in 1900.

Quite different, Bwog is confident, from these guys.

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  1. A Quandary  

    Is it pretentious to correct a misspelling of pretension?

  2. John  

    Wikipedia tellS! Or is the 'pedia an are the 'pediae? Scary thought...

  3. Confused!  

    Is it Crow-Kay or Crow-Ket?

    These semantics are KILLING me!

    • Confused!  

      I mean, I knew the answer. I was just trying to satirize the rest of these silly comments, but I guess it didn't work as well as I had planned. Or maybe it did and made you look sillier.

  4. um bwog get it right  

    isn't it Surgami? Surgam by itself doesn't really make any sense..

  5. M.R.  

    Technically speaking Surgam isn't a nifty 'new' little publication since it's been printed regularly more or less for close to 20 years.

  6. croquet players  

    do they get laid

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