The Josh Groban CD is still playing. The Bwog had a huge 12th grade crush on him. So lame.

Reasons to come by John Jay Lounge even though you’re not in group selection:
1) You have a whiteboard fetish.
2) You have a light blue table skirt fetish.
3) Famous Amos cookies have been for too long not a part of your life.

Boy to his future roomate: “We should work out more. We can set up mats in our room and wrestle.”

A: Where’s he living?
B: Hogan.
A: Yeah. He’s gay like that.

A boy looks at the whiteboard and says with increasing panic: “What’s W-T-T? What’s W-T-T?!”

Update as of 2:45 p.m.:
4 person EC townhouses gone (but plenty of 6 people ones left)
2 bedroom apartments in Watt gone
47 Claremont untouched