Recently confirmed word on the street is that Columbia College graduate and certified big deal Brian Dennehy will be in attendance at Sunday’s performance of this year’s Varsity Show.

That’s right. Varsity 112 = TWO celebrities. TWO. That’s almost like an issue of US Weekly.

Hard core stalkers must attend the 8 PM performances of the V-Show on both Saturday and Sunday nights in order get in on all the gawking action. On Saturday, Dennehy’s fellow distinguished CC Alum Art Garfunkel will be in attendance to accept some big prestigious Varsity Show award—see the Bwog story for further details.

In addition to watching the performance on Sunday, Dennehy will grace all those present with—wait for it—a TEN MINUTE introductory presentation. Expect him to talk about his career, his time at Columbia, and whatever the hell else he wants to. He’s Brian Dennehy, after all.

Get excited for this one, kids. It’ll be more fun than Tommy Boy.