Oh how quickly Columbia’s wheels of justice turn. A little less than 48 hours ago, I posted on the Bwog a pictures of a bizarre little homemade cracker packet I found.

Then came the increasingly frantic emails from the Class Deans and Public Security to the Blue & White’s editor-in-chief, Avi. By last night, the emails got back to me. We were told by the Administration that “the photographer [that’s me!] will be in contact with Public Safety by first thing tomorrow morning.” Will do.

Or will try to do. I called Ken Finnegan, Public Safety’s Director of Investigations and Technology, like he asked. Answering machine. Then I stopped by. Not in. Then I called again. Made some bread pudding. Called again.

Then I got an email from Dean Colombo claiming I have alleged a bias incident. Patted myself on back for fighting the good fight. Checked on bread pudding.

Anyway, Ken, if you’re reading this, CALL ME.

Update: Eyewitness account filed with the proper authorities. Best of luck, Ken, with the investigation. I know you’ll leave no crumb unturned.

-Bethany Milton, Bwog Co-Editor

Email from Dean Colombo after the jump.

Dear Student,

The Dean of Student Affairs office noticed a photo posted on a blog operated by the student publication, the Blue and White, that alleges a bias incident took place on Columbia’s campus. Public Safety has been notified and is conducting an investigation. At this point, we are not able to independently confirm this incident.

As always, our colleagues are aware of this situation and available to you. If you have any knowledge of this incident or if you have any concerns, you may contact Ken Finnegan in the Office of Public Safety directly at 212-854-4670 or kef8@columbia.edu.

Any students in need of support at this time are encouraged to contact their class deans, the Office of Residential Programs, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Office of the University Chaplain for support.