Always, too good to be true…

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There are free cupcakes with blue & white frosting in the little wood-panelled room adjacent to Uris Deli. Although undergrads will be kicked out, says an astute commenter.

There was free barbecue out on Low steps, but the breadline extended across the plaza and you probably missed it. Sorry.

You can probably still get a piece of the free massages being given outside Lerner Piano Lounge. But maybe not.

3:45 p.m. UPDATE- MORE FREE FOOD. Fifth floor of Lerner. Cookies. Coffee. Tea. &c. Academic types milling around. Mingle!

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  1. ttan  

    That's the EMBA Lounge. They'll kick you out if they find out you're an undergrad.

  2. Burger King

    bwog -- where'd the free bbq info go!?

  3. bigger issue  

    can the bwog create a way to comment on event descriptions? I have issues with "mother israel" and the use of the 'word' "gank"...

  4. bigger issue,  

    i think you just did.

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