Harvard: 9, Columbia: 0

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USA Today has chosen their 2006 All-USA High School Academic First Team, a ponderous name for 20 kids who have WAY too many activities in their young lives, including–we kid you not–inventing a patent-pending wearable breast exam training apparatus using diaper gel, cashews and a bikini. Math problem: Yale got 27% of those who didn’t go to Harvard.

In other, even more random news, a silver-haired gentleman in a pinstripe suit rolled into a Bwog correspondent’s office on a Segway with five Japanese businessmen in tow. Bwog wants one. And some businessmen, too.

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  1. hmm

    it sounds like a football score.

  2. no  

    That would be Harvard 63, Columbia 0.

  3. actually  

    this year it was fifty five to seven. it was painful and i was there.

  4. Snore, Lion, Snore

    I was there too. Together, we represent about 50% of the crowd.

  5. math problem answer  

    is 3 kids.

    Harvard took 9, so that leaves 11. 27% of 11 is 3.


  6. wow  

    a segway can tow businessmen?

  7. butt

    at least 1/2 these kids were involved in some intel science competition... do i smell favoritism!?

  8. M.R.

    In case after looking at the picture anyone thinks playing with buzzers would be so AWESOME, you should join quiz bowl in the fall.

  9. segway

    if i were to buy bwog a segway, where would i drop it off?

  10. you have to admit, though

    some of these kids' accomplishments are ridiculous

  11. gah  

    bwog, where is the update about the filming that's going on outside barnard on broadway? i caught the name "giselle" on one of the trailers..

  12. that fellow  

    on the left is a bit hefty. discuss.

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