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Watch out, Zvi G.—Harvard’s now got a SEAS of its own, having made its own Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences into a full-fledged School. Rumblings of the transition started a year ago, when DEAS Dean “Venky” resigned pending some big changes. SEAS—with an admit rate three times that of the Harvard school—just beats out DEAS in the US News rankings. But for how much longer??

Oh, Harvard. If only you knew all the social awkwardness you’re in for.

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  1. M.R.

    What would YOU do if you had 24 Billion dollars and nothing better to do?

  2. man  

    Two chicks at the same time.

  3. pathetic

    number twenty? ouch, seas.

  4. #20 not bad

    #20 is a good ranking considering that SEAS is dragged down by the liberal arts requirements. Look at the top 20, not many liberal arts colleges.

  5. hey bwog  

    what exactly is your source for the independent school at harvard. my harvard friend is skeptical, and frankly I am a little too.

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