Word on the street is that there will be a massive pillow fight midnight at the Sundial, BYOP.

Bwog thinks it might be a good way to wind down after a stressful weekend of procrastination.

UPDATE 12:39 am


pillow fight! 

Students crept out of nooks in Butler for a few minutes of late-night frenzied glee on the South Lawn, all organized by Nina Bell, an ENGLISH chick who sat crosslegged on the sundial watching the commotion. She called out to the 40 or so fighters that showed up, “Don’t steal pillows that aren’t yours!”


pillow fight! 

Overheard at the pillow fight:

“The hand of Thor on you, mothafucka!”

“Come back and face me knave! I’m beset by rogues on both sides!”

“I don’t know you! I don’t know you!” The speaker then bowled over a gaggle of girls, slashing his pillow at their backsides.

…and along those lines… “Yay! I finally get to hit girls!”

“I’m having that aftershock where my face feels like it moved up a bit.”


pillow fight!