Bwog Correspondent Mark Holden reports:

The Big Kiss II went down last Saturday, this time at the Whitney Museum. Apparently, an art professor thought it would be hilarious if a bunch of college kids started smooching in the middle of his exhibition. Which is exactly what happened.

This Big Kiss didn’t achieve the Low Steps version’s turnout, attracting only 20 participants. But these were the real deal: no second rate saliva-swapping this time around. As before, a whistle signaled the beginning and end of the Kiss. A sizable crowd of bystanders accumulated as the Kiss progressed, reacting with everything from disgust to benign amusement to fascinated excitement. One kid got really worked up, taking oodles of photos with his camera phone and exclaiming that “his friends would never believe it!” He also seemed rather titillated by the girl-on-girl action.

One older (i.e. late 30s) couple was standing on the bridge when the kissers skipped up and set to work. Their faces betrayed their amusement, however, and the two even hazarded a few pecks themselves. When the whistle sounded to end the kissing, the couples skipped off the bridge to amusement and scattered applause from the onlookers.