Spec is reporting that Matt Brown and Stephen Searles, of the homophobic and antisemitic graffiti, were slapped on their spray-painting wrists today at their court hearing (this time, they decided to show up). Bwog noticed a few things:

– Searles’ counselor, Simone Gordon, is a mitigation expert and sensitivity trainer at Yeshiva University, home to the Center for the Jewish Future. L’chaim, Stephen.

– In a deal reached outside of court, the duo recieved sensitivity training instead of jail. New York’s 2000 Hate Crimes Law contains penalties of up to 20 years in prison and no mention of sensitivity training. Bwog doesn’t really know what sensitivity training is, but suspects that it might take the jail time.

– You can’t really blame Searles for being bigoted. I mean, he’s from Montana.