Beach Bumming for Dummies

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Hey you, with the pallid skin! You could wait for Columbia to bring the sunshine to you with a cheesy Coney Island-themed event. Or you could go hang out at the real thing, as Bwog did one lovely Friday afternoon. Brighton Beach welcomes thousands of urban refugees every summer with miles of umbrella-freckled sand and a calm surf that washes away stress and the sweat of the city.

Of course, Brooklyn’s south shore offers much more than a place to tan your hide. Coney Island itself is worth at least look-see during your time at Columbia, offering a bunch of free concerts and a touch of the bizarre. Plus, the neighborhood Brighton Beach contains possibly the best little Russia this side of the Ural mountains–you really owe it to yourself to throw down a towel and soak in the rich confluence of Slavic and Brooklyn accents as you slurp a fudgsicle.

If you go: Pack your sunscreen and take the 1 downtown to 42nd street, where you’ll transfer to the Brooklyn-bound (not Queens-bound) Q. Get off at Brighton Beach and follow signs to the boardwalk. Coney Island is farther west.

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  1. Or...

    you can get off at Sheepshead Bay and take the B49 to Oriental Blvd. to get to the cleaner, quieter, more Italian-influenced Manhattan Beach.

  2. its a secret


    I have lived in Queens my entire life, most my relatives work for the MTA and I can tell you for a FACT that the Q train NEVER goes to queens...it goes between brooklyn and manhattan...so dont worry...there is NO queens bound Q (perhaps you were confusing it with the F train which you can also take to coney island...that DOES go to queens and manhattan)

  3. wrong!  

    It's faster to take the 1 to 59th street and then transfer to the Brooklyn bound D train. Or take the N at 42nd. Even switching to the 2-3 at 96th and then to the Q at Atlantic Ave is faster than your route. Embrace variety kids. If everyone was jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it too?

    • Not true

      I do most of this commute every day, and the D is garbage -- if you go Times Square, you can get the N or the Q -- particularly the N, which is express through Sunset Park and saves a crapload of time.

      • ...  

        So what are you doing out in Coney? Tell me it's related to Astroland.

        Also, I agree... very weak Siren. Not worth fighting the crowds either. Maybe CU Arts will hand out freebies for Amy Millan's solo sets at Joe's this fall. But probably not.

  4. hmm...

    i think that last comment may have been too soon. you can't even make a katrina reference yet

  5. Brighton Line  

    Jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge was so last semester anyway.

    In any event, transferring to the (D) isn't really much faster (if at all). The (N) ("Sea Beach") would be the optimal choice on weekends. It's quickest to take the (B) from 59th on weekdays. Like someone else already said, the (Q) does not run through Queens.

    Though I seriously doubt this post would've even taken place if it weren't for NSOP.

    P.S. Any of you crazy kids go to Siren today? I couldn't make it out there, but I'm interested in the set Stars put on.

  6. its a secret

    i think it would have taken place....i spent 4 hours per day commuting on the subway and i must get something out of it...i didnt go to siren...im stuck out west for the summer....no subway...no car...no siren today...

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