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Waking Up With Bwog: ENDSOP

Today is the final day of NSOP proper. Congratulations first-years on making it through your first week of Columbia! The coming weeks will be a lot more filled up with work and activities, but for what it’s worth, they’ll probably have a bit less drama. There are still some activities planned, but feel free to […]

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Bwoglines: The Faux Edition

We all knew it, but didn’t want to admit it. Unfortunately, the Huffington Post made it official; Pimp My Ride was 100% fabricated. Huff reveled that there was no surprises involved in Xzibit’s pimping. Everything was staged. In fact, the homes that the contestants were filmed in, were often homes rented by MTV to act as a set. […]

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From The Mag: Nightrider

Know how you haven’t left campus in a month? Think you’ll scream at the thought of eating one more meal in Ferris? Feel like you’re “wasting your potential” by not exploring the city? Never fear, The Blue and White has got you covered with our new column, the Travel Desk. To start things off, Senior Editor and […]

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Mano Eat Mano

In an attempt to recreate the magic of Coney Island’s 92-year-old tradition, kosher frat Alpha Epsilon Pi hosted a hot dog eating contest that was a real sausage fest. In fact, that’s what they called it: “Sausage Fest.” Justin Vlasits filed some photos and an account of what went down.  AEPi’s hot dog eating contest […]

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Summer camp–Mermaid Madness edition

Armin Rosen reports on the weirdest place in New York’s w eirdest event: yesterday’s Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. Many a bare breast was on display at the 25th (and perhaps last) edition of the Mermaid Parade, Coney Island’s annual, nautically-themed celebration of the campy, t opless and strange. Indeed, Sodom by the Sea earned […]

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Beach Bumming for Dummies

Hey you, with the pallid skin! You could wait for Columbia to bring the sunshine to you with a cheesy Coney Island-themed event. Or you could go hang out at the real thing, as Bwog did one lovely Friday afternoon. Brighton Beach welcomes thousands of urban refugees every summer with miles of umbrella-freckled sand and […]

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