1. ummmm

    this sort of sucks. the post that is.

    • sant van gus

      i think a bigger problem are the photos, which look like shit on my computer. i've seen the signage so i know what it says, but it might be harder to figure out what's written if you're seeing this for the first time on bwog.

  2. context

    note to bwoggers: good reporting rests on the ability to provide readers with crucial context by which to analyze and understand what's going on. this does not achieve that. and no, I'm not the asshole from the campus photos post.

  3. i'm confused actually  

    is the resident saying that the ra should crack down more on parties, or that if he does, said resident will break his legs?

  4. confused  

    So that means if the RAs *don't* enforce a policy of "no parties", then the RAs will have their legs broken?

  5. i hate to rehash a common

    theme about fellow columbians. but why are RA's such a dog ugly bunch?

  6. tearing a community is easier than building it  

    Columbia students such critical wonder Columbia is #9 with two others.

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