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From flyers posted in EC elevators:

Dear Residents of East Campus, 

In preparation for the new school year, we recently shampooed the carpets throughout your building. Unfortunately due to the excessive humidity this week, some carpets still haven’t dried properly. To rectify the situation we will be raising the temperature of the A/C units to approximately 70 degrees.

We are asking for your assistance by keeping your units on for the next few days. The weather forecast is for cool temperatures (65 – 75 degrees), so we expect this change to have little impact on resident comfort….


Housing Services


UPDATE: Facilities workers were spotted shampooing EC floors this morning, seemingly giving the lie to the notion that the carpets “still haven’t dried properly,” and instead suggesting, “It’s September and we decided not to shampoo the floors until all the Columbia students moved in, cause we make sense like that.” Developing…


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    I thought this post was going to be about orgasms. 'Teasers.

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