Where there’s no smoke…

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firefightersOverheard outside East Campus during the second fire alarm of the night, ‘round midnight:

“My entire suite is still in there!”

To departing firefighters: “Sorry it wasn’t real,..”

Guy walking by the crowd outside EC:
What’s this for?

Bystander: It’s a fire alarm.

Guy walking: Oh. Fuck that shit.

Bwog has also heard that three fire alarms in the last week have come from the same suite on the 12th floor. We don’t want reasons, folks. Only justice.

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  1. me1  

    What is up with the early morning Schapiro fire alarms? 8am? Who the f-k is smoking at 8am?!

  2. justice?

    anyone remember the carman fire alarm of spring 2004 at about 2am during finals? yeah, it was the suck. i had a final 7 hours later...

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