1. excellent  

    I applaud both schools - now hopefully Columbia and the other big-name schools will follow suit...

  2. This  

    is a conspiracy to make students pay hundreds of dollars in application fees when they have no choice but to apply to several schools in January.

  3. Googly  

    Funny story- I was in a car with Dean Quigley talking about this very issue last night.

  4. noooo  

    the best students will apply to harvard in any case, but they won't necessarily apply to princeton or columbia. princeton is being stupid. we should accept that although it might be nice to abolish early decision, the benefits of keeping it are overwhelming.

  5. DHI  

    Look, I'm just saying, think of the thousands of kids who have to do a lot of work because of not having the early decision option. Clearly these people want people to work. This is just a conspiracy by some fucking Nazis.

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