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In Solidarity: Bwog’s Applications

In response to today’s uncovering of application essays from the class of 2017, Bwog staff got hit by a wave of nostalgia and began combing through our own application materials–leading to a wave of embarrassment.  In solidarity with those prospies who naively bravely posted their essays online, here are some choice lines from Bwog staffers’ […]

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Bwoglines: 1, 2, 3, 4 Loko Edition

Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ has banned the alcoholic energy drink Four Loko. Let’s hope this disturbing trend stays in Jersey. Or not. (CBS New York) Princeton’s endowment posted a mere 14.7% gain last year, to Columbia’s 17%. (NYT) The New Museum’s latest exhibit contains a newspaper on the end of newspapers. (Capital NY) This […]

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Hey Lil’ Lloyds, There’s A Finance Major Now

If you’re one of those types that does nothing over the summer but obsessively check the academic bulletin on the CC website you’ve known about this for a while, but way back in late June the Econ department dropped a bombshell: the introduction of a new “Financial Economics” major replacing Econ-Operations Research. The ostensible rationale […]

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LectureHop: Wireless Happenings

Bwog corespondent Derek Huang reports on Friday morning’s Armstrong Memorial lecture from his wireless device: Humans have reaped the benefits of the wireless transmission of information for several decades now through the development of the wireless telegraph, radio, television, cellular phones, and now, wireless Internet. However, the challenges facing the proliferation of wireless networks are […]

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Princeton Invades Morningside Heights

Those roguish pranksters from Princeton’s marching band have done it again. The band stopped by the Butler Library lobby just a few moments ago to blast Columbia midterm studiers with a drumline routine and plenty of brass honking. Although it’s possible the Princetonians were simply lost, Bwog chalks up the visit to pre-homecoming game merrymaking. […]

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Breakfast of Champions

Whether you plan on going to the Big Game or not, Bwog recommends taking advantage of the pre-homecoming breakfast taking place in the EC 2nd floor lounge this morning at 11:00.    It’s free! School spirit not required.

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Last Night’s CCSC Meeting: More Voting Rights, More Parties

Satow Room Bureau Chief Martha Turewicz attended last night’s CCSC gathering, during which a move was made toward granting all student council reps voting rights. President George Krebs started last night’s CCSC meeting off with a bit of tough love, declaring, “Like it or not we’ll start at eight o’clock and everyone who’s late will […]

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A Graph of All the Money You Won’t Be Making has just released a ranking of the best Ivy League Schools in terms of post-Bachelors salaries. Let’s see how Columbia stacked up. Why look, it’s last, dead last. Topping the list is Dartmouth (fraternities), followed by Princeton (eating clubs) and Yale (collective ennui?).    As one Bwog staffer points out: “This says a lot […]

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Elsewhere in the Ivy League: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

The first Ivy League fees for next year have been set: Princeton has ra ised total fees to $43,980 while keeping tuition at $33,000. Interesting tidbit: currently, Columbia is the most expensive Ivy ($45,444, as your parents likely know), followed by Penn and Harvard. Columbia will announce next year’s tuition in June, last of all the […]

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Two makes a trend!

Spectator has relayed that Princeton has joined Harvard in ending early admissions. Shall we proceed from largest to smallest endowment? Or till the order go by US News Rankings? Either way, the other six are in the hot seat…

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According to an Insane Stanford Grad Student and Google …

… Columbia is the 7th best university in the country. Take that, U.S. News!* *They ranked us 9th.

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