Finger-pointing: Dorm Fire Edition

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Let’s not kid ourselves- we’ve all been rudely awoken by the ungodly shrieking of a fire alarm and we’ve all cursed the name and bodily person of the (usually) faceless, unknown culprits. But, thanks to the personal touch of Columbia Housing and Dining, fire alarm emails have recently included the specific suite numbers of the culpable parties and awesomely withering summations of their crimes.

On Saturday, the EC alarm went off three times in the span of three hours. According to the email that EC residents received, the alarms went off at 8:35, 9:33, and 10:32 PM, and, for the first two alarms at least, the FDNY determined that they were caused by:

“careless cooking by a resident of suite 1202-1203 on the 12th floor.”

On Saturday and Tuesday, the Hartley alarm went off at 8:55 and 11:07 PM, respectively. Caused by…

“careless cooking by a resident of suite on the 8th floor” and “careless cooking by a resident of suite 8-C on the 8th floor”

Perhaps this is Housing and Dining’s form of the public pillory. Careless cookers everywhere beware.


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  1. Smokey the bear  

    was totally my hero when I was a kid.

    and ps to the mofos on Hartley 8: I hope you learn not to burn shit before it gets cold out.

  2. rp  

    actually, at least in the llc, housing has typically sent out emails with that info prior to this year

  3. just yesterday  

    some careless cookin' in Watt 3O, too

  4. Well  

    How do they know it's careless? Maybe they just love their food burned 'n toasty.

  5. Hey  

    Don't forget the Carman fire alarm going off two times in three nights at 3 AM...

  6. rp  

    wallach alarm went off thanks to 6b(i believe) a day or two ago also...even interrupted sorority recruitment

  7. cooker  

    As a "careless cooker" from Wallach last year, I have to say that I don't really appreciate the excoriation heaped upon us thanks to these emails. For one, the cause is almost always identified as careless cooking, even when it's not. But more importantly, in my case at least, it was the result of a broken oven and no improper action on my part.

  8. Caring Cook  

    Yes, I am one of the "careless cooks" from Hartley. There was no smoke, and on further inspection Housing determined the alarm on the 8th floor is oversensative. In fact, it was the heat from outside, combined with a 350 degree oven that set it off. Oh. And Housing got pissed that the food was left unattended when the alarm went off. Yet, they told us all to get out of the building when the alarm went off. Catch-22 anyone?

  9. caring cook  

    YES! Of course!

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