bananaIt’s not looking good, Dianne. 

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a national free speech watchdog, has just issued a statement condemning the suspension of men’s club hockey. Not that Bollinger typically listens to rights groups; but it’s probably a good idea to avoid bad press on the eve of a four billion dollar fundraising push.

And then there’s the online petition that’s reached 454 signatures, and the Facebook group (“Bring Back Columbia Hockey”) that has 460 members. The situation is bad for the Columbia hockey team–according to communications manager Zach Phillips, the suspension will put them out of commission for three years while they rebuild their league standing–but disregarding reason, warning, and due process in making consequential decisions isn’t the best way to make friends, either. Student council members are baffled, and Bwog is struggling to fathom just how an administrator could screw up quite so badly.

Nope, it’s not looking good at all. Start backpedaling, honey.