Alma-sous-arc-en-ciel: Queer Awareness Month is upon thee

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rainbowToday is the first workday of Queer Awareness Month, and the works are certainly in progress. Alma is bracketed by a floating balloon-rainbow and several students are seated at a table in front of her, handing out treats. Skip along to Low Plaza to get free Skittles (Taste the Rainbow) and condoms from our campus queer organisations. Make sure to get a picture of you and your sweetie, or you and your friends, or you and your prospective future whatever, under their rainbow of balloons.

Word has it that the university administration has already mishandled this event. Though QuAM is sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, it seems nobody ever told security and groundskeeping, and also, strangely, the Department of Art History. This morning, as the Queer Alliance folks floated their rainbow and anchored it, they were accosted by an angry official who first demanded an explanation, and then began screaming for “Papers, acht, you need papers! We cannot proceed without papers!” Something like that.

He and his pals gave up after he was asked whether he had “anything better to do than hassle some homos.” Various bystanders mocked him as he left, sheepish. But within minutes, as an intrepid flag-waver was preparing to affix the rainbow standard to Alma’s scepter, a cold-bosomed curatress from Art History reprimanded him, declaring that no flag other than the black drape of National AIDS Day was to be affixed to Alma’s person. The standard was not raised.

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  1. Please!  

    Can you guys keep this design? It's really nice. But then, I'm on a small monitor at the moment.

  2. geez  

    you guys are disgustingly inaccurate! i was passing by as this whole confrontation happened. two security guards approached, not "accosted," the quam table. neither was "angry." they calmly talked to the members of quam, who sorted it out and said, "thanks a lot officer for your help!" no one there mocked the officers as they sheepishly left.

    get your facts right next time, and don't overdramatize what doesn't need to be overdramatized.

    • Now now  

      Let's not be silly. Does anything need to be *over*dramatized? I think the word speaks to its own universal frivolity.

    • Umm no

      they took down the CUIDs of all 3 QuAM people who were there for set-up. if we're questioning whether the reporting of this is dramatic, we should be questioning whether the overzealous reaction by public safety was also as dramatic, if not more. not even the NYPD takes down your government ID number until you are being ticketed or arrested.

  3. all the world's  

    a stage. and as we are all actors, we need to be able to indicate when one is 'overacting.'
    Hence overdramatized.

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