Religion sweeps Columbia!

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yom kipputAfter the reform Kol Nidre service at Hillel, everyone wishing each other a good year:


(Jewish) Law Student 1: Rosenblum?  Yale ’02?  Seligman?  We graduated in the same class!


(Jewish) Law Student 2: Yeah, yeah, you’re in my litigation class now right?


(Jewish) Bystander (muttering): Bunch of Jews.

Happy atoning!

Heard outside Butler, Saturday night

“It’s amazing what religion will do to a person.”

CC Instructor Ivan Savic, to his 9:00 AM class:

“Not holding the door for people is just one step away from chaos and cannabalism, which is just inconvenient.”

After a Blue and White meeting, Monday night:

A bearded man standing in front of St. Paul’s chapel, with arms held out à la Jesus-on-the-crucifix. A few minutes later, he lowered his arms, and left soon after.

Thanks to CML, Nick Frisch, and Grace Duffy for their observance.

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  1. justine  

    you failed to mention that the guy outside st. paul's not only had a scruffy beard but also scrappy hair. He was also frail. like jesus.

  2. dude  

    dude i totally posted one of those

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