1. halloween  

    isn't coming THAT soon...

  2. maybe  

    mention the nobel prize? if for no other reason than that you have to admit it's kind of a brilliant PR move by CU to trot out a nobel prize when they're getting some bad ink

  3. umm  

    how exactly do you trot out a nobel prize? they're announced at the same time every year...

    • clearly  

      you underestimate the power of bollinger. rumor has it this whole north korean missile conflict is also one of his 'take the heat off of columbia' schemes. the man is mad, i tell you, mad!

  4. i think  

    that they have mentioned the nobel prize. See yesterday's quickspec.

  5. in the print edition  

    the second-page headline about a building in East Harlem is "Prison Blends in with Neighborhood."

  6. ummm

    if east 110th st isn't east harlem, what is it??

  7. McFister

    What's with the picture of Chumbawamba?

  8. Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOO CB's!!! NOOOO. I thought they had saved themselves, NOOOO

  9. the real question is  

    how did you even KNOW that was a picture of Chumbawumba???

  10. moot point  

    It's 110th Street and Central Park West. Which is not and has never been East Harlem, since it is on the West Side.

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