Lerner Vending Mania!

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The vending machines in Lerner may no longer afford you the opportunity to get an Ipod with your diet Coke, but their swanky offering nevertheless continue to boggle the mind. The Bwog snapped a couple of photos of exciting additions to the snazzy ensemble: a $20.00 Metrocard (for $19.60!) and a $50 Bluetooth phone! This is the first floor of Lerner everybody. Go now. Buy, buy, buy!




  What next? WHAT NEXT?


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  1. Incompetence  

    So you mean to tell me that our "discount" metro cards are actually more expensive per ride than normal. I think I should have expected that.

  2. wtf  

    there is absolutely no point in a $20 metrocard for $19.60. you'd have to be a complete moron to buy that!

  3. wtf  

    also, what is this phone?

  4. watcher  

    Get your facts straight, bwog. It's a $24 card that would normally cost $20 that has been reduced to $19.60.


    The reason that people think that there is a Spec-Bwog war is that individual staffers on either side would wish it were so and sleight the others. It doesn't have to be.

  5. Cigarettes  

    We need some cigarette vending machines on campus!

  6. umm?  

    wait whats a bluetooth phone? and is it airtime for the phone or an actual phone

  7. lol  

    it would be hilarious if someone bought that bluetooth thing for $50 but it got stuck. ha ha ha ha!

  8. confused  

    is tokyo the capital?

  9. Uh...  

    ...that doesn’t look like a Bluetooth phone. It looks like a $50 prepaid phone card for a Verizon Wireless Bluetooth-enabled phone.

  10. noooo...  

    No it looks like a Bluetooth headset. Look closely in the dark region. Besides, why would there be a phone card specifically for a Bluetooth-enabled phone?

  11. photog  

    it was indeed a bluetooth headset

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