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ruckOverheard in EC: 

Rugby Guy #1: We should make posters to get people to come to our game.

Rugby Guy #2: No, you have to get them approved.

Rugby Guy #1: What?  We can’t just make some on our own?

Rugby Guy #2: No.

Rugby Guy #3: What if we made, like, little posters, that we just hand out?

Rugby Guy #2: Nope.  Can’t do it.

Rugby Guy #4: We don’t have to make posters that say, “Come see the rugby team.”  They could just say, “Come see us.”

Rugby Guy #2: No.

Thanks to Addison Anderson for overhearing. 

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  1. and so  

    the chilling effect sets in

  2. ugh  

    stop with these lame "overheards"

  3. hoho

    i've always wondered if the kids that were "overheard" recognize themselves. that would be the SHIT.

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