Vigilantism strikes yet again at Columbia, this time on Schapiro 7. From a note pushpinned to the kitchen wall of that fateful floor, penned in forest green marker:

“If you leave your dirty dishes in the sink for two (2) days, they will disappear for two (2) weeks.  Thank you for your (non) cooperation, you dirty sons-of-bitches.  Signed, The Management (Big Brother)” 

Our correspondent notes definitively that “The Management” does not refer to the floor’s R.A., but remarks that “the WB should start designing a costume for this masked vigilante,” and would not be “surprised if the next note is written in blood”.

Meanwhile, from the unlikely-to-be-a-vigilante department, a student wielding an ironically sophisticated cellphone, overheard in Lerner Hall:

“Hi, mom? What time is it? Ah, thanks, bye.”

Finally, news from the frightening world beyond 110th Street: Columbia’s star rises in Britain, vaulting from #20 to #12 on The Times‘ world universities rankings list, while Disney’s falls ignominiously (two words: “mouse orgy”) in France. We have but one comment on that last bit- shame on you, Reuters, how could anyone confuse Chip and Dale?